Who hear watched Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Who hear watched Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows? I been thing of getting it but everytime I see the AD I get a little upset eilsly when that have that new Bonus thing about Owen Hart. how good is the DVD?​

  2. Only seen parts of it. It's not that good. The Mick foley DVD came out today, get that instead.
  3. I've never listened that, sorry man
  4. no i get cheat dvd that are on sale. inless it someone that I really like. other why cheat DVD new on Amazon.
  5. Well then, don't get the Bret Hart one. What I have seen was really bad.
  6. Very biased, very delusional DVD to watch. I am a Bret Hart fan, but I really believe it was biased.
  7. i don't think its bad from what seen. it seem more emotal of a dvd. and i really want to see owen hart thing.
  8. Cheat is that torrented or what?
  9. It's basically Bret Hart spending two hours overselling himself. No offence to Bret Hart but he makes it out like he was the man who invented everything in wrestling. How he was the guy who put the fans in the seats for Vince (which he never was.) If you want to see a movie about an angry Canadian trying to tell people that he is the greatest thing since Sliced bread then be my guest. The Owen piece I would love to watch but I don't want to watch 90's Bret Hart again. Current Bret is much cooler.
  10. money hard to come by the days dude.
  11. Current Bret does NOT WRESTLE! So yes 90 Bret Hart was great. And just b/c DVD is more to Bret it not being made by WWE which is why I like it come from outside of WWE which u really can't do anymore.
  12. Oh cheap I understand now, have you tried torrenting?

    here is a link
  13. I didn't mean that current Bret is a better wrestler than 90's Bret. I mean that current Bret is a better person. 90's Bret Hart was an angry and bitter man and this movie is tainted by it. He has even admitted that a lot of what he says in Wrestling with shadows is him being angry. Sure it is a wrestling movie not from the WWE but that doesn't mean it is speaking the truth.

    If you want to see a wrestling movie from outside of the WWE I'd recommend beyond the mat. It follows a bunch of wrestlers.
  14. It's great, fuck the haters. A great look at wrestling behind the scenes in that era.
  15. Beyond The Mat is awesome but Wrestling With Shadows is interesting to look at, too. It was a chaotic time concerning the whole issue with Bret's departure and the creative decisions being made backstage surrounding it (there were a bazillion different endings tossed out for the Bret/Shawn match), and this movie is a cool look at it. It's also partly responsible for the theory that Montreal was a work because if you go back to around January 1997, Bret's character is crying about getting screwed (referring to Austin's tainted victory at the '97 Royal Rumble.) Then again the next month when Austin cost him the title against Sid the night after In Your House: Final Four in Febuary. Then again in March when he cut the infamous promo where he said "god damn" and "bullshit" unbleeped on Raw, after Undertaker cost him winning the title back from Sid in the cage match.

    This was sort of a common trait for his heel character almost the entire time leading up to Survivor Series afterwards, where he really does end up screwed. Keep in mind Bret was also talking about being "screwed" in real life because he was scared he was losing his top heel spot to Shawn Michaels. Many looked at all of this and saw how coincidental it was that Bret's character whined this whole time about being screwed over, only to really suffer this fate in real life. It was almost as if it was built up over a long period of time.

    Then there's the documentary. They started filming it a few weeks or so before Survivor Series, where the infamous Montreal Screw Job took place. I always (and so did many others) found it very coincidental that the movie just happened to start filming right in the middle of all this going down. What happened in Montreal was the perfect dramatic capper for the movie (keeping in mind now that the filmmakers and Bret had no idea it was going to happen), which had Bret on there the whole time summing up how he's been screwed both in real life and on-screen for the past several months before it took place. Then there's Vince seen wobbling after the off-screen punch he took and Bret catching him lying on a wire before that. Vince would have had to give his permission for those two things to show on the movie, and some scratch their heads as to why Vince would allow it, putting him in something of a bad light.

    I personally don't think it was a work and that there's logical points against these things, but it's interesting to think about. There ARE some wrestlers who still think it was a work or at least could have been plausibly, so it's not totally out there.
  16. yes i heard u on there. the whole 1997 thing of him being "screw" it was wedd how it just all end up him being screw at the end the years. but the fact is it was not a work. And u also forget that back in though days wrestler were alot to make movie of doumently as long as that could film maker to do it. And Breat had 30 day clase that alot him to do whatever want to his wwf person which is what leatd to the screw as Bret have the power to not alot Shawn to win it.
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