Who heard likes or plays the Nintendo 3DS or XL one?

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  1. Who heard likes or plays the Nintendo 3DS or XL one? I been think about getting for alway but so much money it I trying to get on the cheap b/c so hard to come by the days. But want to get back into play Nintendo I miss all the Classic game I have not play since GBA and Nintendo 64.

  2. I have a Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Black & White 2. I really only got it for Pokemon but if I were to get more games I'd get the Pheonix Wright games, Hotel Dusk, maybe a brain trainer game and some re-makes. In case you didn't know, it has a streetpass feature which lets you get points/coins etc. for passing by someone with a running 3DS.

    Only if you know a bunch of games you'd play than it's worth getting
  3. I have the 3DS. Not too fond on Nintendo products anyway but if you are a casual gamer its quite fun.
  4. well i like games like zelda, pokeman though i have not play in along time emerald the last one i played, I think have better yu-gi-oh and yu-gi-oh gx games. And well I have a PS3 so u can't play game that on the PS3. :sad:
  5. My mum got a 3DS XL quite recently and she just plays Professor Layton on the thing. I normally borrow it when she is at work, I play Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Conquest along with a game called Okamiden, which is the sequal to Okami on the Wii/PS2. I also play the Cooking Mama series too (but that is when im super bored) XD
  6. Randy, get Xbox. We'll play together. :bitw:
  7. They are going to be great games this year for the 3DS, maybe I'm going to buy one, I like to have my old games on a handleheld
  8. I have had a 3DS for about over a year now, and it's a great handheld system. I have Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, Street Fighter 4, and some original DS games, and they are quite fun to play. I almost never use the 3D effect though since I have on care in the world for it, but it also holds music. So it's also my backup MP3 player.
  10. But we can play with WWE Superstars. :sad:

  11. dude xbox is to much money i don't have money shited out of my ass! DO YOU!? I can't efold it! I may get a 3ds b/c it cheper and has classic game that i can't play on my PS3 or Xbox.
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  12. Do R4I cards work with 3DS / DS XL if so have a look at those, it'll save you big money on games.
  13. what a R4I Card!?
  14. http://www.r4i-sdhc.com/

    You can put roms on it so you don't have to pay for games. I'd advise reading up about it to see if it will work or not as I'm not 100% sure but I think it will, they cost around $15 - $20 from what I've seen so it's a pretty good investment.
  15. Whatever happened to Gohan's grammar lessons?
  17. Holy fuck, these make complete sense.
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