Who Here Has Read Chris Jericho: Undisputed?

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  1. I ask because I'm thinking about buying it off Amazon, but at the same time, I read there's a bit of stuff about Fozzy in there, which I don't care for. I also want to know just how good or great the stories about Vince and the others are in the book. I've heard it's great from some, but I wanna be sure.
  2. Getting it for Christmas, I've heard good things.
  3. I just read the first couple pf pages on some Google page that previews certain pages of the book for you, and decided to buy it just based on that alone. Jericho got heat from Undertaker and HBK for calling Taker boring in a promo, and he was gonna insult Austin by saying he was a drunk who shaved his hair to hide his receding hairline (lmao) but he backed out of that one out of fear that he might get heat from Austin as well.
  4. I think it mentions him throwing spit in Rocks face also (was a ringside cup and Chris thought it was water) fortunately Rock seemed to get it was a mistake.
  5. I own it, there is quite a bit of Fozzy stuff. However, most of it is still WWE related. Pick it up if you're a Jerichoholic.
  6. I read a chapter or 2 in barnes and nobles, from what I read it's a pretty good book. The only reason I don't have it is because I didn't have a job back then.
  7. I'm not a Fozzy fan so I would never want it because of it having a lot of Foz stuff in it.
  8. It's not like he has 5 straight chapters of Fozzy stories. You get something like at leat 3 wrestling chapters for every 1 Fozzy chapter. It really doesn't take much away from the book.
  9. I don't get people passing on this book because of it including Fozzy related chapters. I mean it's not like you're going to turn the page and "Enemy" starts blasting out of the book. If I recall correctly all he does is tell funny stories while he was either pretending to be separate from Jericho when booked on an interview show as the lead singer of Fozzy (forgot the name originally gave the character) and how much that annoyed the interviewers who wanted to ask him about wrestling; or just funny little stories that happened while touring. I can't recall him going in-depth with the songs or what not, and the vast majority of the book isn't centered around Fozzy. Just like his first book wasn't centered around his love life but it was still featured in sparingly. I don't know, seems like a dumb reason.

    Anyway, my friend has both and at one point I've leeched both off him. Personally, I prefer the second but part of that had to do with the fact that I was familiar with like half of what he was talking about. Whereas the first stuff covered matches/shows I haven't witnessed, and thus had less interest in Jericho's thoughts or the backstage hijinks that went along with it. I'd definitely recommend it to any Jericho fan though.
  10. Mongoose McQueen was his name at first. All the members had bad gimmicks, then they decided to change it if they were going to be taken seriously.
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    Yeah they claimed bands stole their songs after they got lost in Tokyo or something didn't they?
  12. Yeah, something retarded along those lines. At least he admits it wasn't the best of ideas.
  13. On this topic how are WWE books these days as I have Foley's and they are awesome.

    But I got one on Austin and it was poor as was so obviously someone else writing and felt disjointed and didn't have the warmth of the Foley ones.
  14. You can always tell when a ghost writer is involved. That's why Jerichos, Foleys, and Harts books are so good.
  15. Ah sweet so he's written it himself then.

    AWESOME! That's now on my x-mass list!
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