Who hits hardest?

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  1. Basically. What wrestlers do you think are the most dangerous in a real fight? Out of guys with fighting experience or just regular wrestlers.

    My vote goes to Masada. A taekwando black belt (or equivalent if Taekwando doesn't have belts) and he hits like a bazooka. He's knocked people out with one punch in the ring multiple times without meaning it. Based on all this Mazada has my vote. Bobby Fish is also up there. Tomahawk TT and Eita Kobayashi also hit like trucks.
  2. Does Brock count or are we excluding WWE guys?
  3. Brock Lesnar for sure. Masada is only 5'8 I don't think Brock would have a problem taking him out.

    Honorable mention is Kurt Angle.
  4. KENTA has a legit kickboxing background and he's a stiff mofo, Takayama did MMA too didn't he?
  5. Suzuki also has legit MMA history. He founded Pancrase or something like that. Also Sakuraba and Nakamura.
  6. That was Shamrock's company wasn't it?
  7. Brock would destroy any of those tiny guys. His fist is the size of their heads.
  8. It was founded by Suzuki and Masakatsu Funaki, another wrestler to add to the list. Shamrock might have competed there I dunno.
  9. Wasn't Brock proven to be a pretty bad MMA fighter overall? He won most of his matches because he could take more punishment than his opponents in my opinion.
  10. Shamrock, Funaki and Suzuki then founded a group of pro wrestlers and decided to pursue marketable legitimate matches. They formed a promotion called Pancrase, named by ’60s wrestling star Karl Gotch after the sport of Pankration in the ancient Olympics, which combined all different forms of fighting into one sport.[3] Using pro-wrestling rules – no closed fisted punching to the head (closed fisted punches were allowed to the body), breaks on the ropes, but fighting for real – Shamrock beat his friend and mentor, MMA legend Masakatsu Funaki by arm-triangle choke in the main event of the very first Pancrase show on September 21, 1993.[3] The show attracted a sell-out audience of 7,000.[3]

    I think Ken was a founder too judging by that.
  11. Quite the opposite, the thing going against him is he didn't like getting hit by guys close to his size. Against little guys though, I don't think that'd be a problem. He also has internal organ issues, so he had to quit.
  13. He had a strong ground takedown but was a bit sloppy on the ground if you could deal with his ground and pound (very difficult when he was on top of you however). Look at how Mir caught him with the kneebar in their first match all because he made a mistake. To do what he did in such a short amount of time was phenomenal though. D'Z is your man if you want a proper MMA opinion though.
  14. I remember him being rated pretty badly as an MMA fighter. His size obviously speaks to his advantage but what happens when he is put with a smaller guy who just doesn't care about size and packs a mean punch? We have seen such things happen before in history.
  15. He got smashed by Carwin and kept coming back, Overeem was a strong striker and Brock ran into him too. Hell look at how he lost to Cain going for the double leg too early before getting pounded on. He didn't duck challenges his stand up just wasn't great, he was a good boxer but not elite like his takedowns were. Once Brock got on top of you the odds were he'd finish it, yep I have sympy for Sable too.
  16. He's quick as fuck for a huge guy. If he gets in the first strike or first take down, he's close to unstoppable.
  18. Expected you to say CM Punk tbh Gohan.
  19. Dolph's is here, I'm scared.
  20. Lesnar's size wasn't an advantage in MMA. He was fighting other guys who weighed 265+, if not at least 250. His speed is freakish for a guy that big, and his double leg takedown was beastly. He only 'sucked' as a fighter after his intestine disease completely drained him. And even then he was fighting top guys; he still could have competed against lesser opponents in the UFC who weren't top 5 fighters.

    Brock was a great MMA fighter tbh. His wrestling + speed + strength was top flight. He just had questionable stand up and no ability to take punishment later in his career. Without the disease no telling how great he would have been/still be.
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