Who hits the better go 2 sleep

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. C.M. Punk

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  2. Kenta

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  1. Simple enough thread just wondered who people though had the best variation of the GTS.

    Kenta :

    Punk :

    For me it's Kenta his just looks more painfully. That however is probably down to the puro style being more stiff.
  2. Kenta. Punk botches it way too often.
  3. Punk doesn't botch it, the receiver does.
  4. So every GTS that's gone wrong is the receivers fault with Punk lol? It's quite known that Punk botches it a lot, but I don't think anyone cares. But as for who hits a better one, Kenta does because it actually looks like it would hurt lol.
  5. Punk doesn't botch the GTS?

    Yeah about that...
  6. Wow, Punks mask-wearing seems such a long time ago now.
  7. CM Punk needs to hit a gym more often.
  8. Why? Part of his attraction is he actually fits the regular guy look. He's a common man in a land of jacked up superheroes and cowards. If he hits the gym and bulks up he's essentially another cena.
  9. I'd prefer him to stay what he is too, maybe a little bit more cut though. Doesn't matter though, his wrestling ability speaks for itself.
  10. Never heard of Kenta actually, but judging from those videos him. I wish Punk had more of an impact-finisher, like Randy's RKO. He has the high-kick, but that's just a "signature" that's kicked out of 9 times out of 10.
  11. Completely agree. I'd love to see him involve himself with an impact-finisher, I'd prefer it to be a kick too.
  12. Good idea but what could he use?
  13. Alternative version of a swinging neckbreaker? CM Punk as one of the best wrestlers on the whole roster (and the world) must have some sort of impact-move. You know Michael McGillicuties (can't spell his name) move? That's quite a nice one. Or like Crayo said, some sort of kick. Spinning kick, something flamboyant.

    Anything really, as a small champion he needs these sorts of moves, because he won't be able to pick most the big guys up without making the GTS look weak. Keep that move for smaller guys.
  14. Agree. I'd hate to see them give him a heath-slater/Ziggler spin-off though. Too many of those sort of impact-moves around. Rock-Bottom, Stunner, see how easy those moves were and how effective?
  15. Possibly the devil lock ddt?

    Or even a uranagi side slam into the anaconda vice?
  16. That's not really an impact move, unless it's done a lot faster.

    Uranagi Slam? Got an example? :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Yeah agree, not fast enough. RKO is like out of no where. Impact moves I feel help babyfaces, they can look like their about to lose which puts the heel over then suddenly hit it.
  18. That's Kane's fault, also he's 325 lbs. Kenta hits the opponent on the chest so it seems like more impact while Punk goes for the chin making it look like he broke his jaw.