Who I want to start against Madrid and why.

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  1. Having this discussion on Skype with R'Albin made me want to make a thread, as I have quite a lot to say.

    Da Gea
    Rafael - Ferdinand - Vidic - Evra
    Carrick - Jones
    Kagawa - Rooney - Welback

    I'll talk about the controversial picks topics first.

    Rafael - I've seen some idiots like Jamie Rednapp and co suggest that playing Rafael again at home would be a risk, when he has been the best right-back in the premier league this season imo.

    Ferdinand - Although Evans has been our most improved and best CB this year, I would prefer him not to start. Why? Ferdinand has played majestically in the big games and his experience is key. In the first leg he was fantastic; he can handle the pressure. And Vidic returning is a key key factor. He is by far our best CB and on his day the best CB in the world, and he needs to play to counter the heigh threats and the last ditch tackles.

    Jones - He has missed the last two premier league games with injury, but I think he is back in time for the United game. I was going to stick Cleverely in but I ran out of room. Jones done an excellent job on Ronaldo last time and needs to do so again this Tuesday; Rafael benefited well from Phil's help last time. The guy has endless energy and no fear, he can make bursting runs forward but is very disciplined and composed.

    Kagawa - Was fantastic in the first leg, despite what some idiotic analysts may have suggested. He is probably our most composed player on the ball in pressure situations with RVP, because of the experience he had with passing football with Dortmund. As I said before, he was great in the first leg and had a couple chances himself. Furthermore, he's just come off a hat-trick and is probably high on confidence and form. He is a vital player for our team and how United play. I would probably play Rooney on the right again though and Kagawa through the middle again, as Rafael will no doubt need some help.

    Welback - Although he's not a goal-scoring machine, he does score in big games. He scored in the previous leg but more importantly his energy is incredible. He chases absolutely everything and that's what he'll need to do against Madrid. He's a thread in the air and is physically strong (as you saw when he raped Ramos), and he'll come back when needed.

    Why I didn't include Giggs? He is thought to have been rested this week against Norwich so he can get his 1000th game against Madrid. I do not want him to start. Why? Against Madrid you need a lot of energy, and a lot of tracking. Despite his fitness and his energy, it still won't be enough imo to help us in the early stages of the game. If he does start I hope I eat my words, because he is composed on the ball, he does have no fear because of his experience, and he CAN hit a quality pass/shot. But he does give the ball away multiple times every single time he plays, that never gets said about him. Unlike Scholes, he does make silly mistakes sometimes but he has the energy to get it back.

    If Jones isn't fit, then I would play Cleverely. Cleverely is the definition of a "box-to-box" center midfielder. He can play a pass well, is confident, but more importantly he chases everyone. Just like Welback, he will chase, chase, and chase. With this line up, we are more than capable of getting a goal with Kagawa, Welback, RVP and Rooney as our attacking threats. But more importantly we are capable of getting the ball back and keeping it.

    Give some feedback, do you agree or disagree? What would you change?
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  2. yes id go with that rooney needs to have a bigger impact than the last game though was pretty poor imo i hope kagawa starts he deserves to after saturday id unleash henandez around the 65 min
  3. Yeah Rooney was pretty poor, but he was so defensive. I think he can afford to be a bit more attacking at home. The only real change that would probably suit Rooney is taking Kagawa off, and putting Valencia on the right as he covers Rafael really well, but I really do not want Kagawa on the bench.
  4. What do you think of kagawa overall this season? I thought he was slightly dissappointing at first but he seems to have adjusted now will be a lot better next season imo
  5. His first few games were okay, and then was struck by a November injury. Then his return was pretty lacklustre playing in different positions, and he wasn't that consistent. But, he was never poor imo.

    Then now, when he is playing in a position where he wants to play and has played well for many years, he's back to being fantastic again. He is so composed on the ball, his pressuring is probably the best in the side, and he can finish better than most. His vision is class, his short one-two's are incredible and his long passing is dope too. Next season he will be an animal, definitely, but I think he still has a lot to offer this season.
  6. Yes he does tbf how do you see the tie going? I think it depends on how man u play if they play to win i think they will go through but if they play to not lose i think r madrid will be too much for them eventually especially now there high in cofidence now after beat barcelona twice
  7. Well at first I was confident United would get through, now not so much. They must have so much confidence beating Barca at Camp Nou and then beating them again with more or less a second team. United never play for draws though, it's just not in the blood of the club. I can't see Sir Alex making any mistakes, so I'll keep faith with United pulling through with a 2-1 result. What about you?
  8. They have done in the past a few times very rare though im going 2-1 to madrid after et
  9. Phil Jones is ruled out. So I have a feeling Cleverely will be given the start.
  10. Still going to lose 1-3 :pity:
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