Royal Rumble Who impressed you most at the Rumble?

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  1. Which star impressed you the most?
  2. ADR without a doubt ... He's so fucking over....oh nice to see jericho back
  3. Ol' Bertie :emoji_grin:, D-bry's epicness is just a given. But Del Rio is really getting over I like it :emoji_grin:
  4. Goldust! Hope they have him back. The stuff he was doing with Cody kept me interested when the rumble started to drag a little.
  5. I wouldn't go as far as saying he's so fucking over, he's over at the moment yeah. When he entered he didn't get a massive pop to be honest, only when Ricardo Rodriguez done his extended ADR intro did people get on board.

    But yeah, he thoroughly impressed me as well, I hope he can keep the momentum going.
  6. ADR definitely, followed by Troll and Ziggy.
  7. Ricardo Rodriguez impressed me most. That guy is over as hell. He speaks people go nuts, he gets the hart shades people cheer, he takes a bump, and tapes shows legs and he's the highlight. It was RRs night at RR.

    Followed by Jericho being in better shape than rock.

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  8. Michael Cole
  9. Del Rio and Jericho. He still has it.
  10. ADR, working very well as a face, Jericho worked very well too as always, got a very big pop. Goldust getting a ? pop as Rock was a great surprise as well.

  12. The Godfather. The way he strutted in with dem hoes and the way he gave no fuck about being eliminated was baws. :boss: and I guess either Alberto or Ziggler did.
  13. Right? Godfather was awesome. :obama:
  14. Big E. Langston easily.
  15. ADR fo sho.

    Over, awesome new style, new moves.. Fantastico. :ADR:
  16. Jericho, 45 minutes and the "I NEVER LOST IT BABAY!" shout was so damn awesome.
  17. Alberto Del Rio, Y2J, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.
  18. Please change your sig :upset:

    On topic though, ADR was the most impressive imo.
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