Extreme Rules Who impressed you the most tonight?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. We had matches that we thought were going to be quite bad (Ambrose/Kofi, Ryback/Cena, and even Orton/Show) that were actually very good. I was specifically impressed with Ambrose and Ryback, because both of them are usually pretty slow in the ring as traditional brawlers, but both of their matches were incredible tonight imo. Ambrose looked like he belonged, and Kofi did well as always in playing his role. Ryback/Cena was just booked really well until the clusterfuck ending, and made Ryback look incredibly strong. The ending baffled me, but this is about which stars impressed you, and not WWE's predictably weird booking.
  2. Ambrose impressed me of course but Rollins and Reigns impressed me especially with how well they worked as a tag team.
  3. Kofi actually impressed me by having a great match with Ambrose.
  4. Brock selling his knee injury.

    I'm also impressed how Cena landed perfectly inbetween a series of bars and didn't fall through them until the camera cut to him. Impressive.
  5. Sheamus. Speaking of which, re-enable sigs already so you can put yours on.
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  6. Wait? You guys liked the ppv? The orton boot was cool, but that wasn't a great match. The crowd would have been dead if it wasn't in his home town. That match was boring. Ryback was no selling the shit out of Cenas AA after the 10 count. He would get up at 9 and then immediatly attack like he wasn't just down for a 9 count lol. Found that funny.
  7. Yea most people enjoyed it. Christian and myself are the only two negative nancys besides you
  8. Give it to me again.
  9. Weird, I liked the outcomes of some of the matches but that didn't make them good.
  10. [​IMG]

    <3 you
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  11. Ambrose/Kofi going to be bad? :gtfo: Crayo, no candy for you/
  12. Pretty much everyone in the tag match. But the one that genuinely surprised me was Ambrose. Bemuses me that he gets so much hate on his ring work here, he's not extraordinary but he's certainly not bad.
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  13. If you compare this with any other WWE PPV of the last months then YES it was no doubt a good PPV.
    Im impressed with that nice codebreaker from Jericho on Fandango.
    And impressed by The Shield, I LOVE IT!
  14. The Shield without a doubt. Ambrose had his best singles match on the main roster yet. Still seemed to not know what to do at times when he wasn't on offense but he looked much much more comfortable last night and it really showed and brought out a good 3 out of 5 star match on my ranking.
    The tag was match of the night for me. 3 great wrestlers and one who will be great who knew exaclty what they were doing. The only downside to both matches was time restrictions.Roman has probably the best spear in wrestling right now.

    Shield walked out of St. Louis looking hot. Props to all three.
  15. Ambrose pulled out the Crossface Chickenwing. /thread
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