Who in your opinion do you think are a few of the most well-rounded pro wrestlers in the WWE?

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    Well-rounded in terms of having not only technical wrestling skills but charisma, strength, power and high flying abilities or at least comes close to having most of them?

    IMHO, it's gotta be Kurt Angle(Charisma, technical skills and some strength), Brock Lesnar(Technical Skills, Strength, Power and even a little bit of high flying moves as proven at Wrestlemania XIX), Chris Jericho(Charisma, Technical skills and high flying moves) and Chr*s B*****(Technical Skills, strength and a little bit of high moves).

    (In case your wondering why I censored the last wrestler's name, Idk if I'll get in some trouble here on this forum for even fully mentioning his name)
  2. You'll get in trouble on here for typing Chris Benoit? Never heard of such a thing.

    But, to your question, I'll see your Brock Lesnar and Jericho and raise you a Seth Rollins. I'd also give you Ziggler, Bryan, and Wyatt, with a solid honorable mention to Ambrose (I think he's got a great future, but there seems to just be something missing to him).

  3. Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler are to the total packages right now. Followed by Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan who are good in their own areas.
  4. lol why would you get in trouble for talking about Chris Ben [banned]- Solidus. In the future please refrain from using the name Chris Benoit.
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  5. Bobby Roode. I know It's about wwe superstars but fuck you, I want to say Bobby Roode

    ~gasp~ Sorry for the outburst. I really like bobby as a all arounder is all.

    Now for the actual question, I would have to say Bray wyatt comes to mind, also Cesaro. I'm not sure about Seth and Dolph being in versatile roles, but I never saw them disappoint either, so there's that.
  6. Captain Charisma, good on the mic, good in the ring, good everywhere.. that's mah ninja.
  7. John Cena he has done suplexes,suicide dives,power moves etc and is a charismatic G.:angry:
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  8. Roode probably is my favorite all-rounder in the biz today. Dude has everything I'd want in a main eventer if I were booking. Sexy mf. Good enough size, maybe could be a little taller. Mic skills. Mat skills. Psychology. Ability to work as a heel or face. WWE is dumb as fuck for not bringing him in at some point.

    Flair & Angle are the two best all time IMO.

    Best all-round talents on the main roster today is probably sadly Triple H (or Cena). Rollins and Ziggler are up there
  9. Good to see that someone else jerks off to roode. The man is probably the most versatile wrestler around. He can pull good matches with pretty much any other wrestler, large, small, technical, high flyer. There's probably no other tna star more deserving of main-eventing wwe pay per views one day.

    Of course, that's just fantasy booking, considering he's already 38 years old with no hint of abandoning ship
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  10. probably Seth if we're being honest
  11. Rollins now, Angle forever.
  12. Rollins is the best right now. Guys like Roode and Galloway outside of TNA are also good shout outs but Rollins takes it right now but Rollins is on another level right now
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