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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Its back after a short hiatus and todays question is....​
    Who Is The Real Best In The World?​
    Bret Hart Vs Chris Jericho Vs CM Punk​
    All claim to be the best but who is the real best in the world at what he does?​

  2. This is serious so answer seriously please.
  3. And I gave a serious answer.
  4. Jericho can almost pull off being ziggler, so he's the best of those three

  5. Why isn't this guy in the list? His fails are the best!


    My Real Answer (open)
    I prefer Jericho, he's a great wrestler and is more entertaining than the other two guys imo
  6. My heart says Punk, my brain says Jericho, and my sense of sympathy says Bret Hart.
  7. Hart was too bland on the mic as a face, Punk has a similar issue at times. Jericho pulled it off, they're all great heels so I used face ability to differentiate.
  8. On the stick, Jericho and Punk are about equal and blow Bret Hart away. I don't think Bret was as bad on the mic as people like to say (average at worst), but he still can't touch the other two even on his best day. And yes, I'm talking about even that tirade of a promo in 1997 or the ones he cut against America.

    In the ring, they're all about equal. I'd love to break it down and look at who excels in the different categories - selling, psychology, different wrestling styles, etc. - but to tell the truth, there's not much difference between the three for me. Bret might take the cake when it comes to selling. But otherwise, it's just nitpicking and I hate trying to look at things that technical. All I know is that Bret, Punk and Jericho have a long string of good/great matches that I enjoy and that puts them about equal in the ring in my book.

    Overall, I'll go with Jericho. When he's at his best, he entertains me more overall than the other two comparably.
  9. On his best day, Bret Hart tops it for me.
  10. Bret Hart obvs :smug:
  11. Daniel Bryan is the real Best in the World
  12. Cm Punk obviously.
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  13. Chris Jericho,he's better than Hart & Punk combined.
  14. Jericho, the fuck are you CM punk fans on?
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  15. That puts you at -182 for me.
  16. Save us Y2J.
  18. Wow great kliq choice Dolph'sZiggler :pity:

  19. ???
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