Who Is Better? No.3!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Todays Who Is Better? is on.......​
    Both men have won MITB, Both men HIGHLY skilled, Both men got those Main Event pushes at the smae time, Both men were Kings Of The Indies, Both men faced off MANY times...​
    But I ask YOU that question....​

  2. Punk is the better mic worker / character performer, Bryan is better technically and from a storytelling performance in ring. D Bry just edges it.
  3. Daniel Bryan. He entertains me much more, whether he's a "joke" character or serious and kicking ass in the ring.
    Punk gets stale quick, there's only so many "pipebombs" you can drop before it gets old.
  4. FTJ
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  5. For me, Punk is the better all rounder.
  6. Bryan takes the cake. Punk is the better speaker and character but Bryan is a good speaker himself, charismatic, the better worker and story teller. Bryan is the overall better talent.
  7. What lol
  8. I'd say CM Punk. Never saw either guy's work in ROH so I'm going by their WWE stuff only. Punk is a better talker, more charismatic, better and more convincing as a heel, etc. Bryan is better in the ring from a technical point of view, but not enough to give him an overall edge over Punk. Punk's height also works in his favor because he can stand toe to toe with just about anyone and at least have some kind of appearance of seeming like a threat (he didn't do too bad in his feud with The Rock.) Imagine heel Daniel Bryan saying to The Rock that "you can't box with God." Rock would almost have to kneel down just to get face to face with him.
  9. Punk is a good wrestler and promo worker.
    Daniel Bryan and is an amazing wrestler and getting better on the mic.
    Punk wins for now.
  10. American Dragon by a country mile.
  11. Bryan for the technical wrestling ability, average promo ability.
    Punk for the promo ability, good wrestling ability.

    Punk just edges it for me.
  12. Punk is great inside and outside the ring and Bryan too, Bryan is great for storylines and Punk for pipebombs. I think Bryan is better for nowadays storylines and Punks' storylines are more like oldschool. Also Bryan is huge as heel, tweener and face while Punk is only good being heel, he sucks in face roles imo.

    That being said my vote is for Punk, his great matches and good mic skills is something WWE really need, Punk for me is the best WWE has nowadays to entertain people like me, Bryan is used to be funny for kids imo
  13. Daniel Bryan. He's great in ring, he's good on the mic, and he's very entertaining. His mic skills may not be as great as Punk's, but he's still good enough to not make a segment look boring. He can also carry almost anybody to a great match.
  14. It pains me to say CM Punk because of his millions of dick riders but his mic skills really put him over the top of Bryan in this contest.
  15. Bryan by a mile, no comparison. Punk should be Bryan's very clean cut manager.
  16. CM Punk & it's not even close . . .

    I. Punk's been there (I just watch[ed] WWE) longer. While this may not seem like a fair thing to point out, I'm way more invested in Punk than Bryan because Punk debuted on WWECW only a few months after I started watching wrestling and instantly became a favorite. The guys been one of my favorites since 06, Bryan's been one of my favorites since '11, that's a big difference. I've seen Punk's character grow and develop logically (minus bits & pieces from his face heel turn to the respect gimmick) from one point to the next and I can't say the same for Bryan. Mostly the logical part, and I guess logical isn't the right word for it since his character turns have been for the most part logic but I guess Punk's character turns on Batman: The Animated Series and most of Bryan's have been Batman: The Brave & The Bold. For those non-Batman fans out there (I'm sure they exist, whether or not I understand why is irrelevant) Bryan's turn have been a whole lot more campy and less serious in tone. Which isn't necessarily bad but it's not something I can sink my teeth in like I can with Punk's. But yeah, time invested does matter, that was my point.

    II. Punk's a better talker. As a heel he can tend to be overly repetitive but I still wouldn't place Bryan over him for that (or for Punk's stumbling over his lines, bringing this up because I'm about to disagree with everyone and I want to make it clear I'm being fair).

    III. I think Punk is easily the better of the two when it comes to wrestling. Bryan is a lot more crisp, try as I might I can't think of a Bryan botch. That's not the case with Punk. One of my favorite matches is his match with Jericho at Extreme Rules and he slipped on the ropes quite a bit. However in that case, that helped the match. I don't know about you guys but I don't automatically look at something minor like that and just a see a botch, I see someone who's been through a war and thus is no longer doing things perfectly. Honestly, it made the match a bit better as it worked with the story, but the point being when a botch is something minor like that, that doesn't expose it as fake, I'm not docking points off. And back to that someone who's been through a war thing, in pretty much every major Punk match I've watched he comes out looking like that. I think he's a much better seller, he sells the injury constantly throughout the match and he just looks like he's been destroyed after say beating Jericho or Cena. As a final thought, wrestling is simply about entertaining. A wrestling match is simply just suppose to draw you in, tell a story, and entertain you. You're suppose to get immerse in what they're doing and for me, Punk is just so much better at doing that. The only Bryan matches I've really gotten immersed in were his match against Dolph at Bragging Rights & his bout with Punk at Over The Limit. And that's not a dig at Bryan, I hardly get into any wrestling match nowadays so two is good but I can list off plenty from CM Punk.
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  17. CM Punk, barely. Same reason as the other one, when there's a A promo cutter and a B wrestler vs a B promo and A wrestler, you take the promo.
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