Who Is Better No.4!

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  1. Today I ask who is better between.......
    Both men in The Shield, Both men indy stars, Both men shined in FCW but I ask you ​

  2. Ambrose is a better talker and better from a character standpoint, Rollins is better in the ring. Overall, Ambrose.
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  3. That's a hard choice, Ambrose is good with the mic in his hand and in the ring at times. Rollins is my least favorite Shield member he sometimes catches my eye in the ring but, I pick Ambrose. (You should make a poll it would be easier)
  4. INB4 CrayosayAmbrose. Ambrose. Look at what he's done lately. The guy is solid on the mic, has the look to be a superstar, and could be credible as heel or face. Rollins will be good, dont get me wrong, but Ambrose is going to be one of the top members of the company (if not for #wwelogic) in the next year at most.
  5. Ambrose. Although I like Rollins as well.
  6. Ambrose's mic skills put him over the top! Rollins can go in the ring but he bores me with the mic most of the time.
  7. Dean Ambrose is better in every single aspect, except for in-ring work. He is EQUAL to Rollins in ring. Two different styles. Ambrose can brawl and be technical, Rollins can fly and be technical. Hard to compare there, but I'd say they are equal. Ambrose overwhelms Rollins when it comes to charisma and mic work, and he has some of the greatest story telling ability in wrestling today. Ambrose is better, hands down.
  8. In Ring - Rollins
    Promos - Ambrose
    Who I Prefer - Ambrose
    Final Verdict: Ambrose
  9. I would pick Ambrose. I find him more charismatic on the mic and in the ring. Although I think Rollins is talented in his own right, I prefer Ambrose between the two of them.
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  10. Oh, this is current? Figured it was more of a old-school thing. Awesome thread series man.

    Anyway... love ya Rollins but gotta go with Ambrose just because mic skills > ring work. Very very close though.
    Ambrose can work, and Rollins can talk.
  11. FFFFUUUCCCCKKKKKKK This one is hard. I really want to say Seth because I love his ring work, but Dean's mic skills are just boss. :sad: I dont wanna choose.
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    This is all of course personal opinion but Seth wins for me. Ambrose has the mic and character work down to a T but his ring work is shoppy and slow and at times he doesn't seem to know what to do. That puts me off of him.

    Rollins is the more solid wrestler and has grown tremendously as a character in the shield. He started out as an awkward villain but no looks down right dastardly and has grown on the stick as well. Obviously not nearly as good as Dean but he is still good. He also works as both a face and a heel unlike Dean who I only see working as a villain.

    So Seth edges Dean out for me. Seth is just what I prefer more overall, great ring work, good talker, good look and charismatic (not saying that Dean isn't). He's just what I want to see, a okay-good talker with great wrestling ability and ability to tie it all together.
  13. Ambrose for me. We all know how good his mic skills are, and even if he isn't the most "technical" or whatever, he's really fun to watch in the ring. I love his wild brawling style, and his selling is great 9dem facez). I like his character too.
  14. Ambrose for me since I'm discounting in-ring matches as I've only seen them in six-man tag matches and while I do get a pretty good idea from those I don't feel comfortable judging on in-ring ability without first witnessing a singles match from both competitors
  15. Ambrose, and I don't personally think it's close. Seth is so poor as a heel, and while he's improved, he is still bad. His mic work is sub-par, but he is seemingly getting tips from Ambrose, so let's hope he improves a lot. Ambrose just has the star quality, he is so far ahead for someone so new. It's unreal.
  16. Rollins.

    I am going strictly off of WWE work as that is mostly all I've seen. Seth is constantly great in the ring, Ambrose has his facial expressions and repetitive mic segments (not all his fault)

    Seth Rollins.
  17. Ambrose is awesome but Rollins was great as a singles competitor on NXT. I think I'll go Rollins, although it's a pretty close contest!
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