Who is better? Shawn Michaels or HHH?

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  1. This is the test for a new series of threads on who is better.

    Todays is, HHH VS HBK.

    I was watching Undertaker Vs HHH promo and he said HBK was better than HHH, That got me thinking, Both men have had numerous title reigns, Both won the Rumble, Both won it all at Mania after winning the Rumble, Both men have faced Taker twice, Both failed at that, Both men revolutionised WWF with DX. Both men have had historic careers and quite similar careers. But who is better? Who will go down in history as the better wrestler?
  2. I think Shawn Michaels is a better wrestler. He's also more entertaining in my book, since I enjoy him both as a face and a heel, not to say HHH can't play that role either, HHH is great at it, but I much prefer Shawn since he has a good moveset, can sell very good, and is entertaining. HHH has a less decent moveset compare to Shawn, can't sell like him, but is very entertaining as well.
  3. I'm just going to give a short version of something that I'll probably elaborate to death much later, I don't think there is a single thing Triple H does better than Shawn.

    Oh, and this should definitely be a new series. I'd happily reply to any who is better thread as long as I'm experienced with both options.
  4. As far as their careers as wrestlers go, I think their legacy will be about the same.

    They've won Rumbles, they both formed DX (though HHH led that group for longer than Michaels did), they've both main evented Wrestlemania, they've both headlined several cards through the years, they've both won lots of championships, etc. These are all kayfabe scripted accomplishments, of course, but still.

    They're close to being about the same on the mic. I'd put Michaels above Triple H overall though, his sense of sarcasm and snark and arrogance and the ability to get under your skin or even do the opposite and play the sympathetic baby face is something he thrives at better than HHH. HHH was still the better heel overall though, because he seemed like more of a threat due to his more legitimate bad ass look, leather jacket and sledge hammer and more impressive physique and all. Michaels, on the other hand, always seemed like a punk (not too unlike CM Punk himself) and the kind of person who you waited to see get the fuck beat out of him just so he'd shut up.

    Shawn Michaels is the better wrestler to me. He's had more good/great matches than I can recall, going back to his days as a tag team wrestler with the Rockers and as a mid card guy from 1992-1996. HHH never had as good as matches that Michaels did that early into his career. He only started having pretty good matches after his run as leader of DX started in 1998 and only started having GREAT matches after he hit his peak in 2000 as a main eventer.

    Shawn Michaels is in that list of people who can wrestle a broomstick and carry it to at least a four star match (though I don't rate matches, it's stupid.) Triple H has rarely carried a guy who was terrible or decent at best to a good/great match. Most of his greatest matches (going by consensus) are hardcore/gimmick matches. It's much easier to have a match that entertains the people when there's no rules limiting what you can do than it is to have just a normal wrestling match. Michaels can and has excelled at both more often.

    I won't touch on their drawing people per se because it's tricky but they're pretty close there as well. Triple H comes out ahead though, for what it's worth.

    For me, they come out close, but I'd give the edge to Michaels.
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  5. obviously HBK
  6. Better at growling: HHH
    Better at wrestling: HBK
  7. Both are good wrestlers but for me HBK is the best of both, he has more moves and also when he could sell a show much better than anyone, I get entertained everytime I see HBK in the ring, even if he's not competing or kicking any ass.
  8. Shawn Michaels is the best performer of all time. Triple H is just a glorified body builder.
  9. What an ignorant statement, just because he had a good build doesn't mean he's a glorified bodybuilder.
  10. I always thought HBK was better than HHH. I think the Sweet Chin Music made me like him better.
  11. Give me a reason to think HHH is better than HBK inside a ring. Just one
    HBK is the greatest of all time.-Steve Cold Austin
  12. He had a better understanding of psychology than Shawn, particularly with gimmick matches.
  13. How does one really quantify superior psychology after a certain point? This is something I don't even notice between the two.
  14. This is the hardest question ever, because they both tie at number one for me.
  15. Both are spectacular legends, but HBK has always been my all time favorite, he is one of the greatest performers ever if not THE best.
    He had many matches that are considered as being the best in WWE history.
    He won the match of the year award for 7 straight years 2004-2010 for a reason.
  16. HBK. Why would you really question this?