Who is Brad Maddox?

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  1. Who is Brad Maddox?


    “Brad Maddox, why?”

    Following the rogue ref’s shocking low blow to Ryback during Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, WWE Universe members packed inside Atlanta’s Philips Arena were left stunned when CM Punk, with an assist from Maddox, rolled up his rival for the pin. This interference stands as the most blatant rule-breaking act by a WWE official ever.

    On Thursday, the suspended Maddox, a 28-year-old former wrestler with Florida Championship Wrestling, stood before WWE’s Board of Inquiry in Stamford, Conn., to answer for his actions. Meanwhile, dumbstruck fans are left to wonder: Who is he? What was his motive? Did he act alone? And why was the rookie ref placed in such a high-profile match at all? (READ: MADDOX SUMMONED TO WWE HQ)

    Details from Maddox’s closed-door meeting are now sealed, and Maddox’s attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt is refraining from making a public statement pending the conclusion of the inquiry.

    While neither Goldblatt nor Maddox are talking, Maddox’s one-time trainer, Bill DeMott, is. The former Superstar, currently a trainer at WWE’s developmental organization, NXT (formerly FCW), has worked with Maddox since 2010, and describes him as “hardworking, but aloof.”

    Was it Maddox’s withdrawn personality that kept him from fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a WWE Superstar? Or was it something else?

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