Who Is Eligible To Act As A RAW General Manager?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. So who do you think should be the GM?
  2. WE WANT REGAL!...At least I do
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  3. I bet 1000th episode will be ric flair.
  4. * Mick Foley (hosted RAW, will host SmackDown this week) - Should be putting over Dean instead wears cheap suits and bores me at times #ThanksMick.
    * Vince McMahon - Could do it, but would need to get his ass kicked. Not sure if he can bump.
    * Teddy Long - How does no sound.
    * Stephanie McMahon - Only if she gets naked and jumps around in a pool of mud with Layla.
    * William Regal - He's a boss of course he can.
    * Mike Adamle - God no.
    * Steve Austin - I'd rather not, he's the GOAT but his gimmick requires him to kick people's asses every week. Not what we need.
    * Ric Flair - He's batshit crazy and awesome. Just keep the blades away.
    * Jonathan Coachman - Too busy being an ESPN fag no thanks.
    * Bret Hart - Can't speak well enough as a face.
    * Shawn Michaels - Would be decent for a one night deal, beyond that no.
    * Vickie Guerrero - We'd never see Crayo post again if she got more air time, I'll ship some kleenex to you our kid. #You'reWelcome
    * The Anonymous GM/Computer - My laptop would do a better job, although it occasional switches to porn.
    * Previous Guest GM's - Cba to list them.

    Flair or Vince for me.
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  5. Regal or Flair would be nice, but the other ones are possible as well.
  6. Johnny will come back with the Board of directors back and raise hell..at least i hope.

    If not? Flair would be another Hogan IMO, Teddy is cabbage, I say give it to Y2J? He can take a month off giving wrestlers time to raise hell while he's gone, and come back and promote some young talent.
  8. * Mick Foley (hosted RAW, will host SmackDown this week) - If he's not putting over Dean his PG jokes can gtfo (sorry Cloud)
    * Vince McMahon - Sure, if it develops into a corporate feud. If he's just a super babyface like he was two weeks ago he can gtfo too.
    * Teddy Long - Sure, if he first fights a bear with nothing but his bare hands, steals all the honey from killer bees and finds a living dinosaur.
    * Stephanie McMahon - If she's involved with a feud then sure. Her vs Punk could be a cool feud.
    * William Regal - Boss. Ofc he can. Should be permanent GM imo.
    * Mike Adamle - gtfo
    * Steve Austin - I love seeing the GOAT appear, but I'm not sure I would if he just buries someone. I'd love to see him have another altercation with Miz or Punk though.
    * Ric Flair - Sure. No fighting anyone though.
    * Jonathan Coachman - No
    * Bret Hart - Sure. Not permanent.
    * Shawn Michaels - Same as above.
    * Vickie Guerrero - I need more Kleenex Seabs.
    * The Anonymous GM/Computer - If the person is revealed, sure.
    * Previous Guest GM's - gtfo
  9. I think it is obvious that I will be the next General Manager of RAW & Smackdown. People power never dies :ace: #Forumpower
  10. I want Vince tbh, he is quite epic! Was going to say Teddy but now I find him boring.
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