Who is going to be the star of the summer?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Over recent years the summer has been the time for a big storyline to happen, examples include Nexus and The Summer of Punk. So who do you think will be the star of this summer's big story?
  2. Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes. Most likely can be Dolph Ziggler but Rock is suppose to be involved with a match at Summerslam so we'll just have to wait and see...
  3. I'd like it to be either Kofi or Dolph

    Dolph I think is one feud away from being a legitimate main eventer and if the vickie problem can be dealt with then this could be his year

    I've always liked Kofi, he is over as hell and doesn't seem to botch as much as he used to, given him some air time and a character and you could have a new star
  4. I'm calling it right now... I think Miz's burial was worked. Its receiving too much attention. Miz will rise back up.
  5. God I hope you're right.

    Wade Barrett, hopefully.
  6. MVP's losing streak was flat....Drew's losing streak? Well, he's blowing kisses to boys now

    Miz - "Give Miz a Match...." "I deserve better than this".... I like it. I like it, a lot. He's not sulking or packing it in

    This is how you organically turn a heel into a babyface. All they need to do now is have him pass out in a submission match w/o tapping

    Who knows? After Punk/Y2J are through, Miz will call out Jericho for losing. Jericho can put over Miz before his next hiatus
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  7. Yeah well I am hoping for Cody Rhodes/Wade Barrett heel push an major babyface turn with The Miz.
  8. Rhodes/Barrett/Ziggler. ANY of those three would be fantastic, tbh.
  9. Actually love you.
  10. OH HELL NO! Its going to WADE BARRETT!
  11. It's obvious Miz will be back in the main event soon. I can't wait for him to feud with Punk.
  12. I wonder if they'll pull a big surprise this year again after all who expected the winds of change guy from NXT or the guy who'd jobbed for the majority of the previous year to become the story of the summer?
  13. HELL NO THE MIZ FUCKIN SUCK! That why he will not be wrestle at WM28 this year! AS THAT HHH FUCKIN BURY HIM! :bury:
  14. Randy Miz will be there in some form. He's their media darling and a decent draw.
  15. and that the only reason why he was EVER PUSH! WHICH IS BS! B/c HE FUCKIN SUCK AS A WRESTLER!

    HELL NO! Miz<VINCE ASS! :kiss:
  16. He's average, doesn't suck, doesn't rock.

    Since when does WWE care?
  17. HE SUCK! Queit trying cover his SHITNESS! B/c WWE when to use his media think to help the get more until to watching wwe that why he got push! AND IS THE ONLY REASON! HE FUCKIN SUCK END OF STORY!
  18. Miz probably botches less than Punk in ring tbh. Sure Punk has a wider moveset but the point still stands. Hes not bad in ring not great but good enough.
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