Who is in the best position in the raw MITB ladder match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Inpunkwetrust, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan, Kane, Randy Orton, Christian, Cm Punk, Sheamus and RVD will all compete in a MITB ladder match for a WWE championship contract.

    Who do you think is in the best position to win the ladder match?
  2. DB. Dude is so over it would be just a kick in WWE's dick if he didnt win. CM will feud with RVD, Sheamus and orton are overrated, Christian is old, and Kane? Come on.
  3. You can't use logic to predict WWE booking, so I'm just gonna be a mark and say Punk.
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  4. I'd love to see Daniel Bryan win, He's super over with the fans, he's probably in the perfect position to become champion again if he wins the Briefcase.
  5. Maybe Daniel Bryan but being the Punk mark I am, I'm gonna say CM Punk.
  6. It would be most logical if Daniel Bryan won and I honestly think he will win but this is WWE we're talking about,I wouldn't be surprised if RVD won.
  7. haha at least you'll admit it. TBH that plays into my view on DB.
  8. Can. Punk isn't going to win as he's feuding with Lesnar. RVD is part time and I doubt we'll get a RVD/Cena title feud going into MITB. Christian & Kane are never going to get it. I don't see Sheamus or Orton getting it either. Bryan for me.
  9. Daniel Bryan. I would've said RVD but from what I've heard he'll be a part-timer which isn't a good thing for a WWE Championship. Bryan is over as hell though currently so he would be a logical choice. You never know in WWE though...
  10. Bryan seems the most logical choice to win it. but MITB is also one of the more unpredictable PPVs.
  11. Daniel Bryan considering he's in the midst of a push, is pretty over, and is rumored to face John Cena at Summerslam. The seeds have somewhat been planted on TV for Bryan getting a push. Let's look at the other participants:

    -Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman will cost Punk the match. If it's Heyman, I could see him being responsible for raising the briefcase.
    -RVD is only meant to be the wildcard in the match and will likely feud with Curtis Axel over the IC Title going into Summerslam if anything. Paul Heyman Guy vs (Former) Paul Heyman Guy.
    -Kane and (especially) Christian aren't gonna get to carry around the briefcase for a guaranteed title shot, sorry. They're just there to fill out the number of people involved in the match, and the same goes for Orton and Sheamus.

    I could honestly see them swerving us and having someone else win though but it doesn't seem likely. I would say RVD seems like the obvious pick IF they go with someone other than Bryan but I honestly don't see Cena and RVD headlining Summerslam in a title match. Wouldn't surprise me though, as they could hold off on Cena/Bryan till later and do a Bryan/Kane split while Cena is busy squashing RVD and other challengers over the course of the summer and the beginning of fall.
  12. Looking at each character individually...

    -Why would Christian win the belt when he's already feuding with the US Champion? He's gonna be busy with the secondary title holder for the next few months, so why would they bother putting MITB on him?

    -Seems like WWE realized that Sheamus isn't a main eventer, or at least we can hope. He's simply not good enough. Period.

    -Randy Orton has nothing going on at the moment outside of being annoyed by Bryan every week while the focus is completely away from him... maybe that's a sign that he's going to be all "surprise mothafucka" and win the briefcase as there's not much else for him to do, but don't put your money on him.

    -Kane... no. RVD would love the briefcase since it's sturdy enough to keep the drug dogs out AND comes with free rolling papers.

    -Daniel Bryan has an inferiority complex at the moment, and if he cashes in MITB it's a sure-fire heel turn since he won the belt via flukish means and would get a really big head about it. Have went on and on about how scared I am of that. It's almost a disservice to him, since winning his first WWE Title cleanly over a top guy WITH the weak link storyline would be freaking amazing storytelling. If you can fantasy-book it right, go ahead and fantasy-book Bryan to win, I'm just too skeptical to do it. Either way WWE has to capitalize on Bryan's momentum and they have to do it now.

    -So I'll go with CM Punk. Punk's story right now is that he has to validate not needing Heyman, and winning the MITB will do that. And him already having several months of a feud set up will keep him from being booked horribly with the briefcase, so he's the best option imo.
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  13. The guy at the top of the ladder!!!!!
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