Who is in the bunny suit?

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  1. Adam Rose's bunny buddy. Who is it?

    With this whole thing between Rose and Slater and Gator I think it would be funny if it was Darren Young, but I don't think its him from the body type of the bunny. Taller and leaner I think.

    Who do you guys think the bunny is???​
  2. Aiden Ryan. (I can dream... I'll never find a bunny costume!)

    I think it may be someone from NXT. No idea who but it could have NXT written all over it.
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  3. Either Zack Ryder or Justin Gabriel
  4. It's Justin Gabriel, a few people have seen him backstage put it on, however Zack Ryder allegedly put the costume on during one show when JG was sick; Ryder denies it but people saw him backstage with the hat part off.
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  5. Probably Gabriel and/or Ryder, but kayfabe it will be Darren Young... the rumour sounds right, they could be getting him back like this to feud with Slater Gator.
  6. Darren Young would make sense, especially after the bunny going after Titus. Gabriel was the only other person I thought it would be since he's not being used on the main roster or NXT at the moment.

  7. That should start you off where he's climbing the turnbuckle to jump, if you look closely his hands are too light to be Darren Young's, I mean I know DY is light skinned but he isn't that light.. Everyone thinks it may end up being DY one night though because this is right around when he should be getting off that 4-6 month torn ACL timetable.

    EDIT: Aww it doesn't start off but go to 1 minute and 21 seconds, or just watch the whole video he shows his hands a few time and they're not DYs.

  8. Justin Gabriel anyone?
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  9. Since I don't really want to answer wrestling questions seriously any more, it can always be Flo Rida from his beef with Slater. Or Shawn Michaels, or Matt/Nick Jackson...

    If it's Darren Young (they can always put him in the costume when it's time for the reveal) that would be a pretty cool reveal.
  10. Zack Ryder doing it as a way to get a spot on Raw (as they are playing it up in the JBL & Cole show, or were, don't remember) would be funny.
  11. Probably tony blair :boss1:
  12. Reports say it'll be Darren Young.
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  13. They will probably have to roll with Justin Gabriel under the bunny mask for a few more weeks, DY is still in the last stages of recovering from his ACL tear, the person that was inside the suit on RAW was clearly white and has been for the last several appearances.. would not be surprised though if when DY is back (2 weeks estimated a bit longer) that they'll put him in there once and have him surprise the hell out of Titus.
  14. LOL. Wow, somebody with a penis actually suggested a bunny costume gimmick?
    Go to he**, WWE. Even Doink the Clown is lying down wondering what the f*** is going on.
    Carrying a dead corpse around and pretending the cat is a wrestler would impress me more. A Katie Vick return would impress me more.
  15. Why can't it be a DIVA dressed as a bunny?
  16. As cool as that would be, WWE is super strict on the women vs men violence, that includes women hitting the men as well. The only thing we really get now is a slap from a diva to a superstar.

    Sucks right?
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  17. Plus they already used a Rose entourage character to mask Summer Rae not long ago (as the chicken IIRC).

    I wonder how many times this same 'masked person who is part of Rose's entourage' stroyline will be used? Knowing WWE it could be many more times.
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  18. WWE ARE SEXIST!!! they think women are too weak to fight men!!!
  19. Unless you're Chyna
  20. Would be cool to see that happen, have his own little party stable!
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