Who is "Mr. SummerSlam"?

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  1. Who is "Mr. SummerSlam"?


    Shawn Michaels is widely accepted to be “Mr. WrestleMania” — the performer who spanned eras, celebrated milestone moments and routinely stole the show. Despite the label, HBK’s win-loss record at WrestleMania stands at a less-than-stellar 6-11, showing that the sentimental choice for MVP doesn’t necessarily mean the winningest Superstar. Nonetheless, the import of a sterling win-loss record must not be overlooked entirely.

    HBK also notched several of his biggest career highlights at The Show of Shows, including his first WWE Championship win at WrestleMania XII, his sports-entertainment-altering Ladder Match at WrestleMania X and his career-capping matches against The Undertaker at WrestleManias XXV and XXVI, respectively. Moreover, his WrestleMania legacy crosses generations, extending from the dying days of Hulkamania, through the New Generation and the Attitude Era, all the way into his Retirement Match in 2010.

    But if The Showstopper has the name “Mr. WrestleMania” locked up, who’s his equivalent on the biggest stage of the summer? Armed with a loose set of criteria—match quality, milestones and endurance—WWE.com takes a crack at naming its own Mr. SummerSlam. After several editors provide their cogent reasoning why certain Superstars deserve the accolade “Mr. SummerSlam,” we offer our (perhaps controversial) choice and open up the polls to you, the WWE Universe.

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