Who Is Next For Gail? Madison & Taryn to Battle for Knockout Supremacy this Wednesday!

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    TNA is filled with dominant champions right now… Lashley… Samoa Joe… The Wolves… and Gail Kim. Undoubtedly one of the most dominant female wrestlers of all time, Gail Kim delivers highlight reel worthy matches on nearly a weekly basis. After finally putting away Angelina Love last week, the current Queen of the KOs is on the hunt for a new challenger and she may just fine one after this Wednesday’s IMPACT…

    Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne are scheduled to go one-on-one this Wednesday night on Spike TV. Madison is a former Knockouts Champion and one of the division’s most fierce competitors. Taryn Terrell is still looking for her first Knockouts Title, but has produced some of the most respected and talked about matches in women’s wrestling since arriving in TNA – including an epic trilogy against our champ, Gail Kim.

    One would have to assume that whoever emerges victorious from this match will be the next in line for a shot at the gold. Since taking over as TNA’s Executive Director, Kurt Angle has rewarded in-ring performance above all and these two lethal ladies are simply two of the best.

    The last time we saw Taryn vs Gail, it was easily a 5-star match until it was interrupted by The Beautiful People – one has to wonder if the time is now Taryn’s. A victory here could mean that she gets another shot at Gail – and another classic match.

    Madison Rayne hasn’t been as lucky as of late, forced to deal with the craz… um, new Knockout Brittany and a heated battle with her former Beautiful People allies left Madison in rough shape. However, she’s proven to be one of the most relentless and competitive Knockouts in TNA history so there is no doubt that a shot at Gail Kim could be exactly what Madison needs to get back on track — that is, if she can take out Taryn Terrell this Wednesday night on Spike TV!


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