Who is now the Locker Room king?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Before it was Mikedawt hands down, but who's taken his place?
  2. Aids or D'Z
  3. We had a king? LOL.....Gayyyyy!
  4. Maybe even Vince when hes active
    Lacky is up there too
  5. I'm the heir to MikeDawt's throne. Aids is just there filling in for my absence.
  6. Just keep saying my name, ill skip the rest of it. :boss1:

    Seriously though, If it's mikedawt's throne, i have a lot of work to do. Now close the count to thread, or do i have to link the Lockerroom rules?
  7. Linking the locker room rules will own yourself again so be careful.

    I too say Aids is his temporary replacement, but he's no mikedawt -.-.
  8. Who's this Aids we speak of :dawg:

    Just kidding.
  9. King?! You're saying its a guy. Ugh. (Srsly, I'm only kidding here guys, have fun)
  10. Queen Kia? :win:
  11. Crayo's already taken that throne.
  12. Nikka I was the prince. MikeDawt passed aways so now I get it :troll:
  13. :gtfo: Out of my palace fucking noobs.
  14. What is this thread.
  15. Queen Kia please
  16. mikedawt was legit fucking terrible lmao.
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  17. Fuck King of the Locker Room I wanna be king of the guitars :boss1:
  18. This, he wasn't a bad guy by any stretch of the imagination but brought nothing to the place, except the odd lulz moments.
  19. You're both noobs. Mikedawt was so awesome. How he managed to get over with the members when all he did was post moronic bs is beyond me. Though in his early days here he was constantly flamed.

    I remember when Mikedawt and Aids were in Skype together and they were calling each other out. Aids was spitting some pretty funny insults and Mike just kept replying "*giggle* shut up nigga". They hated each other, good times. Legit made me rofl.
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