Who is on xbox live? Get L4d2.....

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Nobody, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Making another thread to tell everyone to get L4d2, as a new mappack will be available this month and new server updates. Ps3 users :finger: i dont care about how much you love blu-rays. Anyone interested in killing some zombies, and then killing the opposing team as zombies?
  2. X-box 360 users:finger:
    Nobody gives a shit about left for dead 2 anymore.
  3. :FINGER:
  4. Forget L4D2, you got WWE?
  5. :haha:
  6. :haha:
  7. :finger: It should be Sega Megadrive > PS1 > PS3 > XBOX 360
  8. :shock:

    I remember playing PES on PS1 I think, or some other football game (it was internationals only) and I freaking loved it so much.
  9. Yeah the early ISS games (before PES) was internationals only. It was a great game to be honest, had hours of fun playing it on the N64.

    I think the PS1 has to go down as one of the best consoles of all time, so many top games for it.
  10. I remember Ronaldo speeding past everyone (Brazilian Ronaldo), but then he got really fat :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Xbox 360 > PS2 > PS3
  12. Lol @ a few of you idiots. Ps3>hddvd player. 360>dreamcast>snes>nes>genesis>original xbox>ps2>ps3>wii.


    Hoss we agreed without me knowing you posted that. I love you. :true:
  13. You are honestly telling me the consoles of today are better than the console of the 90's and 00's? Graphics yes, I will give you that, but actual games and gameplay themselves, no chance, give me a Megadrive of PS1 anyday.
  14. Lol come on, you might have enjoyed the older ones, but if you asked me whether I'd want to play Fifa 12 or Assasins Creed on a PS1 or Xbox 360 it'd obviously be the 360. Some of the games seem crazy real now, like the latest CoD and Assasins Creed. You simply can't emulate that on old consoles, and you're not expected to.

    Even the modern consoles are outdated. You can't do any more graphically or gameplay wise on the Xbox 360/PS3 now, that's why both will likely release their latest consoles next year or definitely in the next few. The console - like the games - has to move on.
  15. I don't think you can really compare Fifa 12 to the console but more so compare games, Fifa 12 or Fifa 97? Fifa 97 was a classic. Also, Crash Bandicoot? PS1 all the way, Sonic? Megadrive in 2d all the way.

    Maybe I'm just strange haha, then again I do enjoy playing the Amstrad CPC 464 still.
  16. Fifa 12 or 97? Fifa 12 every day of the week...

    Fifa is all about simulation and realism. Fifa 97 was a bunch of different colours floating around the screen lmao.

    I don't play Sonic or Crash unfortunately :emoji_slight_frown:.
  17. Yeah but on Fifa 97 we had indoor football, and it was also great sitting there for hours simulating games too, or am I on my own here too? :haha:
  18. Lmao think you're just a classic fan.

    I would definitely have more fun on a modern console than an older one, though I can definitely appreciate the older ones for how good and fun they used to be. I never complained once about graphics on PS1, but if I played it now, I'd cringe.
  19. International SuperStar Soccer, I f****** loved that game! I had it for N64 though.
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