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  1. Adam Cole while he can play a good heel just lacks in the ring for me, Just bland in the ring. I can enjoy his matches from time to time but he is just not that engaging to me.
  2. Michael Elgin. As I said in the wrestling challenge thread. He's a decent technician, but there's nothing to his wrestling, no story, no context. It's moves for the sake of moves. Plus I hate that such a big bloke (from an indy standpoint) sells like a cruiserweight to cruiserweights. He let himself be dominated by Johnny Yuma FFS.

    Add to that a complete lack of charisma and mic skills. He needs a manager badly.
  3. Lol I remember that Yuma spot at pwg with the hurricanrana
  4. You got a point with Cole, haven't been feeling him as much lately. Others include Lethal and Strong.
  5. Chris Hero is the most overrated sack of shit in the history of indy wrestling. Since 2006 I've been saying he has NOTHING on Claudio, and there you go big fella, where the hell are you now?
  6. Joerulez....I-I mean Elgin
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  7. Don't you hate WWE, but somehow turn around and use it as a measuring stick for some reason? Who cares if Hero dropped out of NXT boot camp?
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  8. Feel like I was too dignified about Adam Cole, Fuck him he looks like a fucking cancer patient with that stupid fucking bandana he wears. Suck my dick you cum dumpster!
  9. Jay Lethal, I liked him in TNA since I felt he fit in well there but I feel he is overated. He puts on decent Openers/Mid Card Matches, Such as His Match vs Silas Young (Who I'm starting like...But he won't surpass my fav ROH star, Matt Taven.)
  10. AR Fox can climb up a tree and get lost for all I care. Overrated piece of shit.
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  11. wat

    Why do you even watch wrestling? [​IMG]

    Watching AR Fox matches from PWG (commented by Chuck Taylor) while being high was my greatest wrestling experience in 2013.

    I'd rather watch AR Fox doing insanely ridiculous shit than Chris Hero wankfests where he pulls other dudes' limbs for 25 minutes in such a dull manner before throwing 70 shitty elbows in an even duller manner.

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    Fox really annoys me, his stupid facial expressions, stupid spinning dive he does where he hits his opponents with his ass, that top rope springboard arm drag where he is bouncing around for like 20 seconds like a twat. His fucking star spangled banner tights. Enjoyed Strong and Edwards chopping the fuck out this sorry excuse for a wrestler in Eddies last PWG match.
  13. This sounds hilarious. Any vids of this guy? :dawg:
  14. I had never heard of him, but I just saw this vid and frankly, I'm now a mark for this badass spot monkey

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  15. lol

    pretty stiff too
  16. Young Bucks :pipebomb:
  17. 1 superkick per 35 seconds = 5 star match bro
  18. Is what makes me believe they're overrated.
  19. Alex Shelly
  20. The Bucks have more talent, personality, wit and charisma in dirt between their toes than Dolph Ziggler in his entire body and aura.
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