Who is rumored to be against signing the American Wolves

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 6, 2013.

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  1. If this is true I can see where Triple H is coming from. They have their Foley's, Jericho's, Edge's and such. The corner stones so to speak. But they need to find that new top guy. But at the same time I am all for signing and using talented guys.
  2. I am familiar with these guys. I do see the RARE occasional ROH match, and I saw them going 1 on 1 for the strap a while back. They're very good. I think they would be a great catch.
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  3. They do tend to suffer from the typical indy mindset of "amazing long match that goes overkill" but they have dialed it down a lot since 2011. And Developmental would without a doubt reprogram them well enough, Rollins was just as bad back before he signed with WWE in 09 and is now one of their 5 best workers in ring.
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  4. Yeah man. It's cool that they're capable of doing these incredible moves. No doubt, but so many times I get bored because it just seems like they (by they I mean indies in general) are more interested in topping the wow factor of dangerous moves as opposed to telling a story.
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  5. what a horrible thread, sorry.

    HHH is against indy guys? The fuck? I know he is into developing his own but i think he is more about the big picture outside of being Al Davis.
  6. HHH against signing them? Then they have zero chance to get signed....

    This is where TNA (whom both of them were in negotiations with) should capitalize.
  7. It's not that he is against signing them per say, rather he apparently feels that "We have enough guys like this right now". TNA being able to capitalize still stands though.
  8. I like the Wolves and would like to see them in a more visible promotion. NXT has a few solid tag teams and it's a division that the main roster seems far more interested in lately. Having said that, if HHH doesn't feel like they'd have a place in WWE in 2014, then so be it. They can go to TNA and still wrestle some indy shows, continue to hone their craft and, in two or three years, there might be a spot for them in NXT.

    No big deal. Look at it like the baseball farm system. The indies are Single-A ball, TNA's Double-A, NXT is Triple-A, and WWE is the Major League club. There are a lot of really good players in the lower levels, not everybody makes it to the Majors, or even to Triple-A. But, with time, patience, and a little luck, they should get their opportunity.

  9. They do have a lot of indy guys, maybe after a while.
    Btw @Wacokid27 awesome sig.
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  10. I can't disagree, they certainly have enough indy guys. And since the Rhodes boys and the Uso's are getting over enough to handle the face side of the tag division, they aren't as needed there. They're desperately needed in TNA though so they really need to capitalize here, if possible.
  11. WWE could do with another Tag Team though as they have sh**ty comedic tag teams that are just plain bad atm. Tons of Funk have ran there course, Los Matadores were doomed when they faced 3MB in 9 of 10 matches or something near that number plus the El Torito horny joke was bad. 3MB are the token jobbers so we need them they're fine. But also The Real Americans are starting to grate plus Cesaro aint originally American which I have never understood?
  12. I'm sensing that the Real Americans are going to break up soon, with Cesaro turning face and splitting with Swagger and Coulter. This is both good and bad. It's good because it means Cesaro as a face in the singles division and probably means he'll be moving up the ladder very soon. It's bad because Cesaro and Swagger make a really good tag team and I hate to see them break up.

    Am I the only one who longs to see Los Matadores pull a "Dustin Rhodes as Seven" promo? Them talking about the way their characters were created, how exploitative or racist the gimmick is, how stupid it is for two experienced pro wrestlers to masquerade as matadors while a third dresses up in a bull costume....I think that might be pretty good. Hell, I don't know. I just don't like the whole gimmick. I actually thought it had to be some kind of joke the first time I saw one of the vignettes telling us they were coming and it got worse when I figured out it was Primo and Epico. I could actually see the three of them celebrating in the ring after a victory when Carlito came out, spat apple in their face and told them "That's not cool." I would probably seriously mark out for that.

    As for Tons of Funk.......I don't even know what to say.

    By the way, I know WWE and its kid-friendly lower card would never allow the Los Matadores scenario to happen (or allow Tensai to just snap and go medieval on Brodus, turning them both into mosters again), it's fun to dream.

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