who is that wrestler gives move striking head to the stage?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. who is that wrestler gives finishing move striking opponents head to the stage with his leg?
    he has also one girl partner with him.

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  2. I thought this had to do something with Kelly Kelly before I opened the thread :haha:

    I don't think any superstar has a finisher where they have to go to the stage to kick someone in the head. If I had to guess I think you're talking about Randy Orton's punt kick.
  3. not randy orton


    unknown wrestler finishing move: wrestler holds both the opponent's arms(opponent is leaning towards the mat) and give only one kick to back of opponent's head to the mat.
  4. Alberto Del Rio?
    Zach Ryder?
  5. not del rio or zack ryder.
    he has one girl partner with him.
    he is unpopular in wwe
    now he left wwe.
  6. oh i know the move you're talking about now, but i don't recall if any superstar used it. you remember the year the superstar was in WWE?
  7. Randy Orton was with Edge and Lita.
    William Regal was with Katie Lea
    Zack Ryder was with Rosa Mendes
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