Who is the best heel in TNA history?

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  1. With Bully Ray absolutely shining at the moment and Roode shining during his incredible title reign, it begs the question, who is the greatest heel in TNA history?

    After Roode's incredible reign and Bully's inevitably fantastic reign, we have been treated with some fantastic heels with great reigns.
  2. IMO, and not in order, top 5 were/are:

    - Jeff Jarrett
    - Bobby Roode
    - Bully Ray
    - Mr. Anderson (2010)
    - Scott Steiner (MEM, Joe feud)

    Honorable mentions to Styles, Hardy and Angle heel runs. And from non-wrestlers, it have to Eric Bischoff and Russo (early TNA).
  3. Also going to post a top 5 in no particular order

    JJ (his MMA challenge stuff had me rolling)
    Christian Cage
  4. Pussies. Try put them in order. Challenge yourself.
  5. 5.Kurt in the MEM, Godfather Kurt = amazaball
    4.Daniels - whenever
    3.Jarrett - MMA Gimmick was incredible :yay:
    2.Ray - So consistent it's unreal
    1.Roode - the star of the show.

    Honourable mentions -
    Hollywood Hardy, if he didn't fuck up he'd have been in my top 5 the psychology in his promos was Ravenesque in it's beauty.
    Prince AJ
    Kaz - outshining Daniels for gods sake
    Any other Angle Run
    Aries as X Division champ
    Steiner - He's FAT!

    There are more but I can't think currently

    Shit forgot Christian and Scott D'More from Team Canada.
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  7. Roode is #1 by far.
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  8. I wouldn't say by far. Ray is definitely creeping on him because of how consistently entertaining he is, but yeah I do agree that Roode is top dawg.
  9. Roode was god during his reign.
    Have to give it to Bully though, he's doing really well thus far.
  10. Austin Aries gets a BIG honorable mention from me.
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  11. Chavo :testify:
    I've no idea about TNA(starting to watch) but I've watched some of Roode's stuff so yeah..Roode
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  12. I preferred Aries as a face. When he was fighting back against Bully picking on him because of his size, that was awesome. Crowd loved that Aries.
  13. He's awesome in both roles. Crowd always loves him no matter what he is.
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