Other Who is the best high flier in the world?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, May 3, 2013.

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  1. So yeah, currently, who's the best high-flier in the world? And who is the best of all time?
  2. Dynamite Kid is one of those that can be considered best of all time.

    Outside of PAC/Neville I'd say it is either Ricochet, AR Fox or Rich Swann right now. All those three are constantly on the ball with their flying.
  3. Why outside of PAC? Would you consider him the best currently?
  4. Neville.

    But I dont watch the indies/japanese pro wrestling, but from WWE/TNA, he's the best
  5. Kota Ibushi can do amazing things and is technical as well.
  6. Because those four are my favorite highfliers/the guys I consider the best but they are pretty interchangeable. One week PAC is on top, then Ricochet busts out some insane things I'd never think he could do or goes on an insane quality streak (A couple of years ago he was very botch prone but since going to Japan he has only botched once or twice in the last 2 years. Kudos to Japanese training), or Swann goes on an impressive run and Fox is always upping his game. But PAC currently considering the mainstream exposure he is getting compared to the other 3.
  7. I like Adrian most, but I have just began watching him. Still, from the little bit I have seen he is a awesome high flier, and makes the match fast and exciting when he enters.
  8. How the fuck has no one mentioned Jack Evans yet?
  9. I completely forgot about Evans. Evans is the fucking man. He makes thing looks so easy.
  10. RVD obviously.
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  11. Hull Hogan?
  12. Jeff Hardy also did high spots at Victory Road too. Sting was not impressed, so to speak.
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  13. Currently: The Great Khali
    All time Greatest: Haystacks Calhoun
  14. hahaha Niiiicccccce!
  15. Some of the best I've seen currently are PAC and Ricochet.

    Just a few that come to mind.
  16. Pac is most def awesome
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