who is the best mind on the past decade

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. I say, its Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor or Michael Morre

    Out of people I know its a mate of mine. He knows all the big words like friverlous and vacous. He was too smart to do well in the education system, so society cast him aside. He listens to smart music like NIN, and he knows a lot about Batman, you cannot beat a bit of that lads

    he is wasted in a supermartket thanks to the sytsm fucking up

    who do you think is best mind
  2. I think it's you, Tgmiveld. You are such a jaded lad
  3. Karl Pilkington
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  4. I vote myself. I've figured out things that even many of the world's smartest minds couldn't do (and at a much younger age, too), so I feel that counts for something.

    But if I can't go with myself, I think the answer is likely Stephen Hawkings.
  5. my mate is a bit smarter than me, i was also pushed aside by the system, but it was ridiocus with him.
  6. cheers lad

    hope for you yet. now get some weight on ya
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  7. get serious lad

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  9. Easily Al Gore, what a wonderful insightful man.
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  10. Solid Snake
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  11. bloody liberal
  12. fuck off i was being serious u little lilly livvered dik
  13. stop trolling lad

    you just waste time
  14. I think Karl has good philosophies, what's the problem?
  15. just a weird choice

    what about my mate or reznor
  16. Your mate fingers Peter Crouch for a packet Walkers salt and vinegar baked when he could finger his wife and 7 packets of the much superior McCoys special edition ketchup and bacon crisps that no one I know has seen before sadly.

    Your mate has a lot to learn, especially from the TV magician Pilko
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  17. work on your material lad
  18. Anything for you, you jaded lad you.
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