Who Is The Best Shield Member?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Fuzion, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. Roman Reigns

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  2. Seth Rollins

  3. Dean Ambrose

  1. Who do you think the best Shield member is? I think Seth Rollins is the best member, he's an amazing wrestler, good on the mic and is the best thing in the WWE today.
  2. If you asked me while the Shield was together, I would have said Dean Ambrose. I really liked him and he really stood out in the group to me.

    After they broke up, Seth really won me over. Now, I honestly think his title reign was pretty lousy actually but I don't blame him for that. It was awesome when he won the belt, but the rest of the reign just sort of plodded on. But he is a phenomenal wrestler and a phenomenal talker. I am sure that I will enjoy his forthcoming reigns.
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  3. Dean during, Rollins currently. I like all three of them, though. Just can't wait until we get face Rollins.
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  4. I agree with Dean being the standout in the shield and I'd say without a doubt it's crossfit jesus himself these days.
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  5. Rollins then and now, easily.
  6. Rollins-and-Reigns.gif

    Seriously, Rollins is by far the best worker and even the best on the mic.
  7. Always is and always will be Rollins in my book. Said it from day one. He knows how to give and take moves the best of the three. Ambrose may have more hot-fired charisma that appeals to people but Rollins >>
  8. Back when the group first formed and for the most part, until their final months, they were very similar. But Dean Ambrose had the most charisma and the most unique style. Rollins did flippy shit and Reigns did the power moves, but Dean did both. Reigns was more menacing, but Ambrose was the man.

    After the split, Seth Rollins came into his own more. He became a better character, and really gained more wrestling experience and became a work horse. Dean Ambrose, was the most underrated after the split. He seemed to be shafted down, for more work, but Reigns was the one that needed the most development.

    I think Seth Rollins is the best because he's the best of both worlds. It seemed like he took the style of both Reigns and Ambrose and compounded it into his own unique style added in with his own charisma and work-horse status in the company. Dean Ambrose still has my respect, and I love his title reign. He's been running hard with the title for months and is drawing good houses. Much respect for Titty Master.
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