Who is the best spot monkey ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Simple question really. Post who you think the best spot monkey ever is/was, and why.
  2. I can't give a specific who, but do you remember the wwe's response to wcw's great luche libre wrestlers in the mid 90's. So yea those guys. I could find a name for you, but i wont
  3. Jeff Hardy. Reason being that he did the most dangerous leaps or spots that would make people be in awe and make people think he was crazy or on drugs (the latter would eventually be true.) Of course, it's also what lead to him using painkillers and drugs to take care of the pain in the first place.

    Shane McMahon was really good at doing dangerous spots that would make us think he was crazy, but he wasn't a full time wrestler.
  4. Spot monkeys don't just use dangerous moves. They are basically gymnasts that have zero wrestling ability.


    True Jeff Hardy kind of fits that mold, but really he is not spot monkey.
  5. jeff hardy is the definition of spot monkey kid
  6. Jeff Hardy no doubt, just look a his matches, a lot of them have spots.
  7. Shane, Jeff, Matt, Paul London.

    Basically a lot of the crazy tag kids from back in the day cuz E and C had there moments as well.
  8. Jeff and Shane seem to be the top dogs.
  9. John Morrison is someone in my opinion who describes a spot monkey. He has no real wrestling skills and is just performing parkour moves all over the ring.
  10. Mick Foley! in my opinion. Him, Jeff Hardy, and Sabu/any ecw legend.

    But my vote goes to Foley.
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