who is the greater heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. paul haymen or vince mcmahon

    For me vince just edges it he could really make you hate him when he wants
  2. Vince McMahon and I wouldn't consider it even close. Vince is one of the all time great heels, and his feud with Austin was one of the main things that made the company explode in popularity in the late 90's. Would an Austin/Heyman feud have been just as big? Not anywhere near as big, in my view.
  3. Last time I remember Vince being heel was when Punk did the Pipebomb thing and that was nothing compared to 90's Vince. Even if he were to turn heel now I doubt it would be successful because he just seems unmotivated to be out there anymore. Heyman on the other hand has been a great heel since his return, although he is a just a moving trophy case that occasionally speaks. So if we're basing it as of late then Heyman wins.

    On the other hand if we're basing it overall, Vince can't be touched. Vince was THE top heel of the 90's, not Triple H. I think more people would rather see Vince in a match than him. Vince played it real good in the 90's, better than Heyman (who I would consider an anti-hero more than a heel because he did have a bit of fan support, and Bishoff who's just too mid 80's Miami for me.
  4. Vince imo.
  5. Vince easily. To tie it into what From said. I think the crowd reaction Vince gets now is similar to that of Austin and Rock, Vince is a legend in the business. The crowds simply don't want to boo him as much as they wanted when he was active. Once he dissappeared off of TV the crowds had "you realize what you had once you lost it" moment. Now Vince instead comes out to massive pops and could sodomize a puppy on TV and still get cheered. Heyman is in a similar role but only to a smaller piece of the crowd. The hardcore fans and fans of ECW.
  6. Feuding with Vince puts you in the HOF (Austin, Hart, HBK, etc). Feuding with Heyman, while entertaining, is not business changing. Therefore Vince wins.
  7. Yeah, Vince is one of the greatest heels of all time. Paul is not that far behind, but I'll have to go with McMahon on this one.
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