Who Is The King Of Hardcore? Bram or Tommy Dreamer?

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    The history of hardcore has been well documented in our industry. Three letters have somehow stayed alive since the 1990’s and those letters are ECW. One of the men who helped build ECW to what it became is Tommy Dreamer. Tommy is the Innovator of Violence and it is well documented that Tommy will never back down from a challenge especially one that is deemed to be hardcore.

    Enter Bram, who has gone around casually calling himself, “The New King of Hardcore,” and Bram can do a ton to cement that new moniker tomorrow night by defeating Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match.

    In a match up based strictly on athletic prowess, a match that doesn’t have this hardcore stipulation, many would place their money on the younger, stronger and faster Bram. However, this is Hardcore, this is no rules, this is anything goes and Tommy Dreamer has a bigger heart and more determination than perhaps anyone in the history of this business.

    Is Bram The New King of Hardcore? Is Tommy still The Innovator of Violence? What will transpire tomorrow night on IMPACT in this Hardcore match? Don’t miss what is promised to be physical and violent as anarchy rules between Bram and Tommy Dreamer. Will it be a November to Remember? By the looks of it, it will certainly be barely legal.



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