Ring of Honor Who is the KRD?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 24, 2015.

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  1. Who is the KRD? They seem to be planning an invasion and possibly a revolution to 'Ring of Honor'. They want to bring change to the promotion before the Honor part of the company ceases to hold it's original values.

    I personally still have no idea who this group is.. my best guess was the Kingdom, but something tells me that's not who they are.. but they do seem to have some kind of connection to the group, they've helped them before..So I ask you other ROH viewers, who do you think this group known as KRD is?

  2. No idea. And I ain't that hot on the angle personally because it has been handled about as well as a $1 burger.

    I'll wait with the final judgement until after the reveal, but the prep has not exactly been stellar.
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  3. No idea about who they are, but it better be something good.
  4. Agreed, it's not hard to pull off an "invasion" angle like this, I hope they can turn it into something somewhat decent.

    That's what I'm saying.. ROH has been pretty solid over the past months, if this ends up being nothing anywhere close to somewhat cool then shit what a wasted angle.
  5. this is going to end up like the SCUM angle shit and featuring cliff compton
  6. I thought SCUM was okay to start but it definitely turned for the worse early on in it's time IMO.
  7. It was fine with the original incarnation of corino,steen and jacobs granted it ran out of legs but putting guys like Compton in there when he had no reason to be part of them, what beef did he have with ROH? Then it just started getting dumb.
  8. Agreed, I didn't mind Rhino joining up either when they attacked Jay Lethal but yeah it really started to go down hill probably starting at the Rhino joining in moment.
  9. I really don't know. I'm kinda curious about it but I really don't have high expectations. No guesses really.
  10. Kane's Real Disciples. The red masks, the random popups and the attire says it all
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  11. I think it'll be new people, but I cannot pinpoint who it'll be. I'll be shocked and disappointed if it is guys from the roster.
  12. Prolly the Kingdom. One of them moves like a women.:bischoff:
  13. Two of them are the Headbangers, still a fan of their Guardians of Truth gimmick.
  14. You sure, I thought they seemed a bit smaller than the Headbangers, although I have heard that before.
  15. Well, we finally have the answer!

    The KRD are:
    Show Spoiler

    Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/568711-ring-of-honor-title-change-spoilers
  16. Nice, I liked Chris Sabin, what's Shelley doing these days, a MCMG reunion?
  17. That's not likely to happen soon (unless they bring Shelley in from NJPW).
  18. Daniles needs to be the ROH World Champion. No more tags, excuses and secondary titles. Pls make it happen, Delirious.
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  19. He wrestles for New Japan as part of the Time Splitters
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