Who is the most annoying WWE Superstar right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Who is the most annoying WWE Superstar right now?
  2. How so?

    Definitely the Chosen One, or the "Great White" as he is commonly known. Get Sheamus off my TV. Predictable wins twice a week, overexposure up the ass, a one-note chaeacter that just milks cheap pop with the word "arse"... Dude's boring as hell.
  3. Sheamus. Dude can't wrestle
  4. Sheamus and Cena, I'm already pissed off when I hear the beggining of their theme songs.
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  5. Sheamus. He needs a new gimmick.
  6. Punk, it annoys me because he's better than this.
  7. ADR so so so so so so sooooo boring.
  8. Take your choice of the big 3. I choose Cena
  9. Punk then, its just so predictable
  10. Khali!

  11. Sheamus and ADR
  12. Sheamus is the most annoying for me, he needs a character change.
  13. ADR and Tensai.
  14. For me It has to be Sheamus
  15. The Rock*
  16. CM Punk.. Him on TV cures my insomnia..
  17. Sheamus, Cena, Big Show, Tensai (the gimmick), HHH
  18. How dare you...:tough:
  19. Yeah bro sorry but you know of my hate for HHH!
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