who is the most overrated WWE superstar?

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  2. By the IWC or WWE/casuals?
  3. Moved it to the right section :emoji_slight_smile:

    Urm, this is a tough one. There's soo many.
  4. John Cena
    Randy Orton
    Big Show
    The Great Khali
    Sin Cara
  5. Randy Borton.
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  6. Cena, Orton.
  7. My top is Cena the guy is so overated and yet people are cheering for a guy that is on the mat or is getting battered the 95% of the match
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  8. Cena is the most overrated!!!!!!
  9. It look's likes everyone is in agreement with Cena, and Borton.
  10. Standard Cena match.

    Show Spoiler

    Opponent beats up Cena, now way cena can get up.

    All of a sudden out of nowhere Cena gets unlimted power and beats up his opponent.

    Back body drop, 5 knuckle shuffle, opponent try to get up, AA, over 1,2,3! Cena wins!
  11. Past : Hogan - He was good, some will even say great but his star was a lot brighter than his talent deserved. This is done in comparison took how much he drew also. If he wasn't an icon he wouldn't be here, a victim of his own success to an extent.

    Current : From an IWC standpoint Mark Henry. People carry on talking about how he can save the main event scene but I just don't see it, he's horrible in ring and incredibly injury prone. His angry gimmick was also dull to me, he's a decent talker but nothing special at all. I'd rather push Clay as a monster heel.

    From a WWE standpoint Cena for the same reasons as Hulk.
  12. I don't really see it either :/
  13. You do Vince, we all know you love Mark Henry because he's big and strong. Don't deny it. :dawg:
  14. Cena, Sheamus,Del Rio and Big Show.
  15. Henry is a boss, Seabs go away :emoji_slight_frown:.

    I don't get the thread. IWC or generally? Because Cena, Show, Sheamful etc are not overrated at all in the IWC. It's hard to say they're overrated to casuals because they believe what WWE want them to believe so?
  16. Warrior.
  17. you're right. i do love me a king size dark chocolate bar :gusta:
  18. Teh Miz by a mile. Don't get him.
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