Who is the most pathetic retired wrestler these days?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Who in your opinion is the most pathetic retired wrestler as far as it comes to his personal life?
  2. He said retired, Brother! :hogan:
  3. Maybe he's not the most pathetic but Hart sure comes of as a annoying and pityful old man at times with all his shoots and criticism. (Sorry Senhor).
  4. Hart by far.
  5. Hart for sure
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  6. Jim Duggan I honestly think that this guy has nothing to do in his life except waiting for the WWE to invite him to some old school show
  7. Despite the obvious attempts to get me going I'm taking the higher road. Has anyone ever heard of Dynamite Kid? Look up his life and tell me his life isn't the most pathetic
  8. Hogan counts. Fu Hogan.
  9. Bret Hart is really bitter tbh.
  10. Maybe so, but he's still rich, can walk on his own, and is loved by thousands. None of that is pathetic.
  11. Actually being rich and successful in an industry which you helped define but sitting there being a bitter old man complaining about the smallest of things kind of is.
  12. I would call it more being an attention whore than being pathetic. It's not like he's out there begging to be interviewed.
  13. Hart is up there. But wasn't Saturn like on the streets homeless doing crack and shit? He wins.
  14. Probably Bret. The fact that he refuses to return to a company which made him and gave him his millions of dollars, unless it's for something useful. Farooq turns up and does a 'damn' in a pointless segment, you don't see him complaining about it, do you?
  15. If I was screwed by vince and my brother died in that ring i'd be pretty fuckin bitter too. J/S.

    Anyways, i'll go with Chyna
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  16. Bret Hart is pretty bitter, but a lot of that bitterness is justified, in my opinion. I definitely don't agree on Hogan since he's past his skank of an ex-wife who took 70% of his assets, even though she did nothing to earn it except that she just happened to be married to the guy who helped build wrestling into a national empire. If people are judging him on the way he handled his son's car wreck four or five years back, then just remember that Wifebeater 3:16 isn't a saint either, but I'd hardly call him pathetic.

    I'd say Ric Flair because he honestly can't let the wrestling go even at 64 ripe years of age (he says he wants to wrestle, but WWE won't let him, they won't even let him get physical with anyone anymore) and keeps getting married over and over and over again, even though his wives clearly are only interested in his money and keep draining his bank account. He even had to call the police on his latest ex-wife because she kept assaulting him (yes, the Dirtiest Player In The Game had to call the police because his wife wouldn't stop beating on him... LOL.) He blew most all of his money on partying over the years and even hit rock bottom enough that he put out ads last year that for a high priced fee, he would be willing to walk a girl to her high school prom.
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  17. I'm not sure if Ultimate Warrior counts, he was just as bad before retirement.
  18. Bret Hart by a country mile
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