Who is the most under rated wrestler in WWE currently

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  1. Male or female. I have to say its Luke Harper for me. He does get the credit for his work inside the ring. He has really awesome ring psychology. He has a good move set. He is incredible athletic for his size. He seems like he can work with anyone. His character may be 1 dimensional with the Wyatt family. I think he can take that to a Mankind type level if he were to break away for good. He rushed into the IC title run which they didn't support him on in my opinion. He could be a big time heel if given the opportunity.
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  2. Harper is a nice shout out.

    My personal shoutout for a while is and will be Swagger. Should be booked as a mini/cheap version of Lesnar imo. Big ass kicker who has someone do the talking for him. His ring work is so crisp and he works every match like it's a must win title match which gives him that vicious edge that should be used more.
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  3. I agree. He was never given credit for his in ring work. His character is perfect for him. Colter was a good mesh with him. I wonder if they will give him another chance.
  4. I hope so. Or if he gets released that he heads to Japan. There will always be a need for big foreign heavyweights in Japanese wrestling and I have my list of dream matches for him over there.
  5. Gotta love Harper! So, that's a cool shout-out.

    As far as Swaggs goes, I'd love if he went to Japan. The Japs still squirt to big gaijins and he'd be a good fit there.

    My pick is Big E, though. The dude has it all, he's charismatic and entertaining as hell, and plus, he can go in that ring.
  6. Luke Harper is a great worker. Watch some of his matches as Brodie Lee, and you'll see the real potential Harper has. Another one, I'd have to say is, Xavier Woods. He gets a lot of air-time and character development, but he's rarely seen outside of the position of being New Day's hype man. He's extremely talented and charismatic, he can definitely be The New Day's single representative.
  7. Big E is doing things that I never thought a guy his size could do. I agree with Woods. I wonder if that is the plan in the near future..
  8. Big E is doing great things. Coming out of the generic 'buff' guy mold, and doing some funny and creative things with it.
  9. This roster is so loaded. I don't think many fans see that. I think its fair to say it may be the most loaded its ever been as far as talent across the board..
  10. WWE don't do a good job of showcasing all the talent they have.
  11. Especially with 6 plus hours of programming every week
  12. Fandango for sure. At least guys like Harper and Big E/Woods are in programs. Swagger just needs his own thing. He feels like more of an emulation than his own character.
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  13. He's not underrated at all. I think you mean he's underutilized, which he's not really considering he's in the perfect role right now for his character... Ryback is someone who's underrated, same with Nikki Bella, and even Randy Orton..
  14. As far as the WWE Universe goes? he's vastly under rated..
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  15. I'll throw in someone, Alex Riley. I think he could have been a great midcard face, especially with his feud with Miz. I feel like they dropped the ball with him.
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  16. Exactly, a guy with natural gifts as far as intensity and charisma. He gets attacked by IWC fans because of his ring work. He could be a solid mid card face. Totally agree..or in a tag team and do very well.
  17. Swagger sucks. I'm sorry but that guy has no where near the intensity of Brock or Kurt angle and just seems stale. All opinion but I'm glad swagger is done.
  18. I would have to say the most underutilized guy is big e. As of now, sure, he's great with the new day. But if you pit this guy as a big time heel and make him into a badass who can throw anyone around and back it up... You have the future right there.
  19. Swagger does not suck. He's gifted. You may not like his character or move set but the only thing that did him in was that marijuana arrest. Creative then went sour on him, he did well with Colter and Cesaro, but then they let him sink.
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  20. Yeah I know why they dropped him. And the main reason they were pushing him is because triple h really liked him, which is fine, but it didn't seem to be because of his overwhelming talent. He was clunky in the ring and sucked on the mic
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