Who is the most unsafe worker on the independents?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 20, 2013.

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    There's at least one in every company it seems. That one guy who is unsafe to work with. Who either is so botch prone that he injures people without meaning it, or just stupid enough to actually think it is okay to injure some on purpose. We have Hernandez and Sin Cara used as prime examples from the big companies but who is the most dangerous man to work with on the independent scene?

    Personally I could make a case for large parts of the CZW roster. So many of those guys are more focused on death matches than they are on being good wrestlers able to work matches safely it seems. There are of course excempts from this rule like Callihan, Moxley, Hero, Castagnoli and Cole but a whole lot of the CZW roster and alumni are just reckless.

    Masada is said to be a dangerous man. Sometimes getting caught up in his moves and going too far with them and ending up hurting someone unintentionally. Masada is also said to have a short temper and has knocked people out in the ring for stiffing him (Necro Butcher) as well as outside of the ring.

    Then of course we have New Jack. The man who in my opinion takes the cake. New Jack is absolutely insane and is said to have stabbed people without provocation. New Jack takes the price as most unsafe on the independents in my opinion.

    Who do you pick?
  2. How can you argue against New Jack in this situation? The guy is, and always has been, a lunatic. If I were a wrestler, I'd refuse to work with him, it'd only be a matter of time before he hurt you or worse.
  3. I've watched so many cringeworthy New Jack matches on Youtube. That guy isn't a wrestler at all, he is just an asshole in the business to... well, be an asshole.
  4. Honestly why do people hire New Jack?
  5. Perhaps to give the show an aura of unpredictability. Having Jack on the show literally means anything can happen.
  6. Wrestling a bear will have the same factor and probably be safer.
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  7. Lol.
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