Who is the returning legend for next week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by army_george, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Not sure who it could be.
    Maybe x pac? considering he is working in the wwe atm
  2. NOOO
    anyone but steiner...please
    i will give you anything to keep that man from a wwe ring forever
  3. There isn't enough Steroids or perchents to keep Big Papa Pump away. He is hilarious.
  4. hilarious?
    i hope your referring to his in ring ability
    i thought hed be dead by now for sure
  5. Have you read his twitter? His feud with Hogan and Bitchoff is some of the best reading you can find on the internet.

    But in all seriousness. DDP or riot.
  6. haha ddp is actually one of the producers i think so there is a chance
    i was hoping he would be the general manager permanently... him or roaddogg


    btw i dont use twitter... how can i see this bischoff hogan steiner fued? im actually quite interested
  7. I don't think Page is a producer. He isn't listed as one wherever I can look. He is doing his yoga thing which seems to be working for him.
  8. yeah sorry... he isnt... just thought i read his name but it was alumni not producers... amazing to see who they have as their producers though
  9. Probably X-Pac or DDP tbh. Has Hacksaw returned yet?
  10. he did for the royal rumble and a tag team match the day after i think. but not for the 1000th episode buildup
  11. DDP would be pretty freaking epic.
  12. No there saving X-Pac for 1000 Raw! It going to someone else!
  13. I agree with Savage X-PAc will be at the DX Reunited at RAW 1000
  14. Gangrel please, i wanna hear that badass theme in a WWE arena again
  15. DDP, X-Pac, but my main choice would be Bob Backlund :yay:
  16. Gangrel was cool but LEGEND?
  17. lex luger is also on wwe payroll?
    hes the wellness policy guy apparently
    so theres another possibility
  18. technically he is, at least to me
  19. Not to me Kanenite sorry bro!

    Guy was good but never Foley or SCSA or Randy!
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