Who is the "she" then?

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  1. In those vignette videos for Jericho. Who was the "she"? Many thought it was Punk, but since wwe.com wrote an article questioning it themselves, I'm pretty sure it will be a girl. Obvious answer is Steph, but why?
  2. All I can think of is Stephanie wanted the company for her self rather then sharing it with HHH.
  3. But why Jericho? Jericho is going for Punk (so we assume, though it's pretty obvious) so how does that fit in?
  4. Punk's champion so if they take the title it can help them take control?
  5. Being a champion doesn't give you control. The current story-line with Punk & Johnny Ace is proof of that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    That would make sense if they already had control and they wanted someone else to be the face of the company, which is what holding that title gives you.

    Also, it'd be a kick in the face to the smarks or casuals if you're right. It wasn't too long ago Punk mentioned live on RAW that HHH and Steph are taking control of the company, and he also referred to them as husband and wife (something many casuals didn't know was legit).
  6. I was thinking more no one is going to fire the champion kind of deal. So Jericho and Stephanie can wrestle the company away from HHH as I remember him saying to Ace how he still works for him. So I think he's in charge of the WWE but no longer Raw from a kayfabe point. How many of the casuals will remember a few off the cuff remarks form punk though? Also it could be Stephanie is unhappy that she has to share he birth right with her husband.
  7. Could work, no one would fire the champion. If it all fits into a corporate conspiracy story-lin then it would be great, but I'd so prefer them not to use Jericho in that. Reason being is that would mean Jericho isn't the bigger picture of the story-line, he's just the poster-child. He's a genius kayfabe wise Jericho, so him being controlled by Steph/Authority just doesn't suit him.
  8. Is ther any other "she" figures around though? I mean we briefly saw Stephanie at Summerslam (for no reason at all). I'n intrigued nonetheless, but I have a sneaky suspicion we'll get let down.
  9. If it is Steph and they use Jericho like some toy, then we'll probably see a repeat of the Punk situation where HHH is the main event. So yeah, we'll most likely get let down.

    I agree, I can't see any other girl being the one from the vignettes. They did mention "Control" as well in one of them... bad news.
  10. It's Stephanie.
  11. Thanks Jonathan, how is the rest of WWE creative doing? :rofl:

  12. Shit, as per usual :emoji_wink:
  13. Lmao ^

    Is there any other possible diva?
  14. Notice how Wrestlemania is just around the corner. The video was cold and creepy, who do we know that's creepy in the WWE? Undertaker?

  15. Those promos have already been confirmed to be for Chris Jericho mate, did you not watch RAW this week?
  16. It is Shelton Benjamins Momma, I GuaranDamnTee it!
  17. No, I missed it, I was sick :/
    Y2J is back then?
  18. Perhaps you should watch RAW on Jonathans YouTube?


    (Yeah he is back :emoji_heart:, my sig is a recent backstage segment. My avatar was him on RAW).
  19. Watching right now as we speak :emoji_slight_smile:

    Damn Y2J has an insanely bright LED jacket, I would so buy it haha.
  20. Haha he's a legend :emoji_heart:.