Who is training with Rock for the rumble?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Beast.

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  2. Joe Hennig is training Dwayne are you serious lol I thought this guy wasent even in the company anymore since his main roster status failed and he went back to development. Someone alot better should be training Dwayne
  3. You know who trained Rock for Wrestlemania? Curt Hawkins. McGillicutty is a much better wrestler since the Nexus.
  4. Give Hennig his real name and a decent gimmick and he'll shine. You can't hold back perfect genes forever.
  5. Awesome. Would be great if Rock put in some good word for Joe and they actually used him correctly.
  6. Who wants to see Rock hit a perfect plex on Punk? Joe can do it since he has used it in NXT from time to time.
  7. Rocky might be too bulky to pull it off, but then again Punk is fairly small, so it could be possible I guess :hmm:

    I'd mark if it happened though. :happy:
  8. Would make up for the fact that when I watched Joe live I screamed for him to use the Perfect Plex but it was reversed. Guess Rocky using it would be alright. :sad:
  9. Really? That's awesome! After seeing pictures like this and reading that though, I kind of wish Rock would use whatever pull he has to try and at least get these guys on the main card. Not really a reasonable thing to assume he'd do that, and I don't expect him to, but man I'd love to see Curt Hawkins get some kind of push ever week on Raw.
  10. Only WWE would be dumb enough to take away the Mr Perfect namesake and naming the motherfucket ma gill a cutty
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