Who is waiting to see taker?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by cutepraba, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Where is taker, I want to see him in action as early as possible and pray god this wrestle mania will not his last....
  2. The Dirtsheets say that his Wrestlemania status is uncertain. He is still recovering from last years mania. The smart thing for him would be to retire from mania, the end of an era match was a fitting end.
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  3. His health is more important,let other people create a legacy.
  4. Honestly, I don't want to see him until the Wrestlemania 30 season. He should skip this Wrestlemania for his health, and then his return next year will be even better where he can face Cena.
  5. A taker return is always nice to see because it's unexpected at times, but I think Taker should retire soon, it's time.
  6. Taker still has it, but not for long. He shouldn't strain himself too hard.
  7. If he retires after Wrestlemania 30 like I think he will, then skipping on WM29 would probably be best. I like him going into his final Wrestlemania match (and his final bout period) with his 20-0 streak. If he wins, he can say he was able to go one past the 20 milestone. If he loses especially, at least he can still say he reached the 20-0 milestone. How underwhelming would it have been for the end of an era match to have been his last match. His retirement needs to be more special than that. (In my opinion, it would have been more fitting to have Triple H bow out after that.)
  8. Even if his health is bad, Wrestlemania still needs Taker.

    Doesnt have to be a match. A squash segment would be fine.
  9. Even though he might not be here for Wrestlemania, he's still had an amazing streak. Realize he's been in 20 Wrestlemanias and he's been getting older in each one. The beating he took last year was probably enough to put him down for a while. Even though I'm a huge Taker fan if he's missing this Wrestlemania I wouldn't mind because I know that he'll be back next year better than he would have this year. Good for Taker if he takes this Wrestlemania off.
  10. Always nice to see Taker, but I'm not sure he's competing this year. Hope so, but won't be that disappointed if he doesn't work 29 tbh.
  11. No it wouldn't. Not after his recent history of MOTYC's at Wrestlemania. Undertaker skipping a year would be fine with the card they're putting up this year. They aren't relying on him for buys, so why go through the unnecessary pain with his body?
  13. I really hope that Taker is skipping this year and just waiting for XXX to retire after a match with Cena at Mania. Outside of just being the best thing for his health, there's also the fact that outside of Cena, there is literally nobody else I want to see the Undertaker face at Mania, with maybe Jericho being the only exception. But Jericho's efforts are best focused elsewhere. Also, it appears that Punk's role will be decided by whether or not Taker shows up, if he does it means that Punk will most likely be facing him and not present in the Cena/Rock bout. Which is definitely something I'm against since I have literally zero interest in Cena/Rock and while adding Punk to that doesn't make it a much-see it certainly is a preferable alternative.

    For the record, I'm not sold that Taker is leaving this year off since him taking a Mania off has became a yearly report and those wind up high on my BS list like the MITB is returning one. I do at least concede that this one is actually possible unlike that one though. Basically, I'm hoping there actually is a wolf but I'm not expecting to find one.
  14. If we don't get Taker this year, that means it'll be more special next year when he either faces Cena or a young star he'll drop the streak to, then retires.

    Plus WWE usually pushes 3 matches for 'Mania, so this would mean more time for Jericho/Ziggler or whatever the Shield is doing to go with Brock/HHH and Rock/Cena... and we really don't need all 3 of the highly pushed 'Mania matches to be so predictable.
  15. It sucks he hasn't decided to go to WM this year or not. I miss him so much!
  16. I just hope that he doesn't push it, and if he does have one more mania match, that he wins it.
  17. I look forward to his WM match every year. I hope he has one this year.
  18. I don't really get the question/poll
  19. I think he wants to know whether you look forward to seeing Taker or not.
  20. I am really concerned with his health...I dont know what is happening with his heatlh...weather he is wrestling or not he should live 100 years and make his gimmicks at-least...one of the legend in whole wrestling industry....

    I suspect wwe is readying brock for to compete with taker!...what do you say....


    btw this forum's website theme is super cool....I cant see his other designs as he closed his forum...sorry for this, I canot post this in here !!!!
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