Who is your fav diva?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Who is your favourite diva and why? (and lets keep it to maybe there actual abilities and not just their looks?)

    Mine would have to be Trish. She really defined what a Diva was being both attractive and an ass kicker. Before her, I was really ashamed of the divas division and really did not care to watch the poor excuse for a match that they would have. A close second would be Lita because she was a high flyer which was unheard of for a women wrestler.
  2. Mine is Eve Torres, I don't know why exactly, she's just really likeable (not just looks)..(but they help) and I suppose looking at the current Diva's division there isn't a great deal to like.
  4. Didn't have to be a current one but yeah, Eve is pretty awesome. She has a pretty good moveset and she is great on the mic/promos.
  5. Exactly, and I kinda' liked Lita just because she wasn't like other Divas. & Victoria was okay.
  6. Victoria was insane and that was pretty cool XD
  7. Trish. Looks and skills in a perfect package with added on likability.
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  9. Lita's my pick. She was pretty hardcore during her days. She's awesome inside and outside the ring. She became an inspiration to female fans and some current talent. She wasn't picky about work or storylines. She did her best, and it was more than enough.
  10. Kelly Kelly Shes HOT and VERY nice in person. [​IMG]
  11. A toss up between Natalya and Lita.

    Natalya because she is good in the ring, has lots of potential, has good family history behind her, can play both a heel and a face well, and because she actually knows how to wrestle.

    Lita because she's a risk taker, over the edge, fucking awesome, and was just completely different from your standard diva. I think she was best a heel too.
  12. Natalya for sure. You can count on her to put on a good match and know what she's doing in the ring, plus she has a different look about her.

    Also, shout out to Paige on NXT. She's just been there to job so far but I've already become a big fan of hers.
  13. My favorite current diva would have to be Beth Phoenix, She is really the only diva in WWE that's allowed to have a match that can WRESTLE good.

    My favorite diva of all time though is probably Lita. She was crazy man, Doing hurricaranas off ladders, Moonsaults off the top rope, Being powerbombed through tables. Man did she have some balls on her!
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