Who is your favorite DC Universe Hero

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The Phenom, Oct 2, 2016.

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    I'm a big superhero fan (Movies, Comics and Show's) I enjoy both Marvel and DC but I'm back and fourth on which universe is better. There are too many variables in the equation for me to determine a answer that stays the same longer then a few days but I do have a all time favorite super hero............Who's yours?
  2. Any one man that can take out the entire Justice League #Run
    The Batman Hand's down
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  3. Spiderman
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  4. John Cena. :supercena:
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  5. They're from Marvel mate what are you doing? What are you doing thinking you're funny boys but you both dropped the same joke?! AH What are you doing mate?

  6. That's why I hate John Cena because he is the superman of WWE and I hate Superman!
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  7. That's Marvel mate
  8. LOL, calm down, dude.
  9. Your right I'll calm down lol
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  10. I'd say Batman... But he's the hero I deserve, but not the one I needs right now.
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