Who is your favorite face?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JasonMaxScream, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Pick a superstar from anytime, even if a dinosaur we're ever a WWE superstar, anyways. Erm. BROGUE! BROGUE! BROGUE!
  2. I hate faces.
  3. I'm not too fond of faces, I suppose I have a soft spot for Sin Cara, I like him in the ring, when he's not botching he could set the world on fire with some of his moves, he's very athletic in the ring, his matches have a nice fast tempo in which I like. The only lacking thing is he doesn't know English so he doesn't speak on the mic. Hopefully he'll be able to learn a little English and start speaking as this will also improve his communication issues with only wrestlers in the ring.
  4. I'll probably say The Undertaker.
  5. Y2J is one of the most entertaining face characters of all time.
  6. Currently, I think Ryback deserves a mention for not being the typical smiling face most of them are.
  7. Alex riley!!!!! :emoji_grin:
  8. The Rock was great in 2000-2001.
    Jeff Hardy has been a great heel and face all his career, not often someone can pull that off so well.
  9. Tyson Kidd / Ted DiBiase.
  10. Tyson Kidd
  11. Cena. At least he got respect.
  12. Let me kiss you
  13. Who in the blue hell is this jabroni? I'll look him up I guess.
  14. Taker in the late 90's.
  15. Weren't you a man last week :eww:


    :sad: people have no respect for technical wrestling these days
  16. :gtfo: :finger:
  17. RESPECT. :finger:
  18. Chris Jericho, Triple H, or Randy Orton.
  19. If you mean character, Christian.
    Just overall talent? Tyson Kidd.
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