Who is your favorite wrestler from 1992?

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  1. Who is your favorite wrestler from 1992?
  2. Backlund returned in 92 I think, so him.
  3. I guess you are a Backlund mark. I was waiting so long for him to get into the hall of fame.
  4. I didn't have a favorite wrestler because that was the year I was born in.

  5. Omg really?
  6. Mach is def near the top of my list....should be in HoF....nonsense
  7. Either Randy Savage or Bret Hart. Savage got to carry the world championship without being in Hogan's shadow (though perhaps a trivial thing to complain about since the Mega Powers angle >The Ultimate Maniacs) and Bret Hart had a great Intercontinental Title reign and we got great matches out of his reign like with Piper at Mania and British Bulldog at Summerslam. He won his first world title and we got a good (but IMO, not great) match with Flair and then a pretty damn good match with HBK at Survivor Series (preceded by an awesome pre-match promo from Michaels on top of it.)
  8. Yes born in 1992
  9. Bret Hart and Randy Savage.
  10. Probably Ultimate Warrior or the British Bulldog.
  11. Misread the title, I thought it meant who was my favorite in 92.
  12. Yeah, having a HoF without Backlund was a joke. I think he refused it the previous years because he wanted another run though, or so I heard.
  13. The Hitman probably.
    Razor debuted in late 1992 and he is one of my all time favorites.

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  14. I'd say either flair or savage. I only say so because i've went back and watched a ton of their matches and enjoy them the most. I was too young to watch back in 92, only 4. Those are my two favorite from that year though.
  15. I was 6, so i was playing NES.

    Ultimate Warrior?
  16. Duck hunt or rescue rangers?
  17. Never enjoyed Duckhunt, i cheated (gun to screen) like a boss and called it fair.

    NES was mostly Zelda/SMB3/Battletoads/Home alone/Maniac Mansion. I liked duck hunt and rescue rangers well.

  18. I still have mine :yay:

    Come over, we'll have some 'murrican beer, play NES and laugh at Gohan. We'll call it a date, you in?
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