Who is your favourite current indy talent?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Simple question, discuss.
  2. Haven't watched indies in a while sadly :sad: I do admire Davey Richards though, watched a few matches before and he seems very good in ring.
  3. LOLRichards

    Believe me, check some more of his and you'll begin to hate his INTENSE-BACK-AND-FORTH~~~ ass. That wrestler is one giant dick.

    Mine fav indy is tied between Kevin Steen, El Generico and Young Bucks. Aesome characters who can put on a lots of great shows and entertainment.
  4. Johnny Gargano, Kevin Steen, Adam Cole, Young Bucks, no particular order
  5. Forgot to mention Brian Cage from PWG. What a fucking machine.

    Honorable mentions also go to Uhaa Nation (Dragon Gate), Willie Mack (PWG), Mike Bennett and Roddy Strong ofc.
  6. Adam Cole. All the praise in the world wouldn't amount to how good I think he is.
  7. Unbreakable Michael Elgin, seeing him grow into a great performer is enjoyable IMO. Steen and Generico are up there too with the YB and Chuck Taylor ( I enjoy the girlish screams).
  8. Taylor is flipping hilarious.
  9. I don't watch much indys, but I do like kevin steen,adam cole,Johnny Gargano and a few others. I just watch randomly matches on youtube from different indy promotions and watch ROH sometimes and thats it.
  10. Freight Train..... choo choo!!

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    What can I say, the guy amuses me, and I could sit and just listen to him talk for quite a while. Colt Cabana is also on my list for entertainment value, though we have some Colt haters among us.

    Based on serious, sheer ability, I can't pick a favorite. That'd be like asking who my favorite TNA wrestler is. Can't do it.
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