Who is your favourite guy in NXT?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Star Lord, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Mine are:

    1. Sami Zayn
    2. Kassius Ohno
    3. Bray Wyatt
    4. Adrian Neville
    5. Leo Kruger

    (Would have put Langston some where but he is main roster)
  2. 1. Corey Graves
    2. Adrian Neville
    3. Bray Wyatt
    4. Sami Zayn
    5. Kassius Ohno
  3. 1. bobo dells
    2. Bo Dallas
    4. Bo Dallas on a motorcycle
    5. NXT Champ Bo Dallas
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  4. 1 Bray Wyatt
    2 Leo Kruger
    3 Kassius Ohno
    4 Sami Zayn
    5 Corey Graves
  5. Neville is my top one. I love his high flying skills :yay:
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  6. Neville has to be the best! I'd say Wyatt too but he's soon going to be in the main roster
  7. Wyatt
  8. Zayn has been really impressive so far, WWE picking him up was smart
  9. - Kassius Ohno
    - Bray Wyatt
    - Sami Zayn
  10. Thissss
  11. Ohno needs to pick it up again, in the tag with Graves he looked bored again. He'd by a long way favourite if he looked like he gave a shit.

    Anyway :
    1. Bray Wyatt
    2. Graves
    3. Zayn
    4. Neville
    5. Bo
  12. 1.Neville
    2.Neville's finisher
  13. 1. Kassius Ohno
    2. Bray Wyatt
    3. Sami Zayn
    4. Luke Harper
    5. Adrian neville
  14. In no particular order:


    Honorable mentions going out to the following: O'Brien, Victor. The soon to debut Tyler Breeze (enjoyed his work as Dalton), Luke Harper, Dawson & Dylan and Kassius Ohno (Needs to step it up and show that he is motivated. He's not even trying right now and looks bored/unmotivated).
  15. Plus he has some serious love handles nowadays.
  16. He does. Wonder if he has a similar issue to Bryan.
  17. Bryan never looked that chubby did he? Hero was never skinny but he was in good shape even until recently.
  18. Bryan did put on weight right after he shifted back to a non vegan diet (still vegetarian, but he eats some meats and eggs and such). And wasn't Hero juicing when he was in his best shape?
  19. He had high testerone which fucked up signing him the same time as Cesaro but I think it was natural. He probably was juicing but the weight gain seems very recent and he'll have been clean a year or so now.
  20. Some people do have that natural high testosterone. But one would think that with the facilities WWE have/will have he could work off that fat.
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