Who is your favourite heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Matt, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. from any time period.

    Has to be between JBL for me during his title reign :finger: and randy orton during his foley feud :finger:

    who is yours.
  2. Triple H during his Evolution days. :boss1:
  3. In the past? Quite possibly HHH, he was mesmerizing. Now I would have to go with CM Punk.
  4. Orton during the Legacy days. Dolph Ziggler. Wade Barrett.
  5. I cant really remember much of HHH being a heel :emoji_slight_frown: stupid memory
  6. HHH, JBL, The Iron Shiek, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Roddy Piper, Vince etc
  7. Dolphin Ziggler and Cody Rhodes.
  8. Say WHAT? Triple H's best times were all as heel.
  9. '94 Bob Backlund, Triple H...

  10. im totally surprised that you chose backlund :pity:
  11. Kurt angle's first heel run with the WWE title that was freakin :yes: :win: gold.
  12. Triple H won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Most Hated Wrestler 3 years running. Has to be him. Superb Heel back in his Evolution days, really kept RAW interesting. Too Bad we have the run of the mill heel CM Punk today @[Respect Gohan6425] That is right, he is now a run of the mill Heel. heel
  13. Completely agree with this post Haitch was boss.
  14. All time: Hollywood Hogan
    2012: Bobby Roode by a mile
  15. Now: CM Punk, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray (if he still counts).
  16. Roode has easily been the heel of 2012.
  17. CM Punk in Ring Of Honor.
  18. :dawg: But seriously, I loved his character then... he came back in '92 as the old face he had always been, saying he wanted the WWF title, in '94 he had a match with Bret Hart (who was the champ then), got a roll up in that almost got to 3, then Bret rolled him and got 3. He snapped and locked the Crossface Chickenwing, that was his heel turn... Then he would go on to do a crazy old man who despises current society and is obcessed with the WWF title... great gimmick, and he played it perfectly imo. Then he won the title at SS '94. But classic WWF, instead of running with this gimmick that had so much heat they just jobbed him out to Diesel 3 days later. Won Most Hated Wrestler of the Year in 1994. So I think he deserves a mention despite my markism.
  19. At this moment, as a pure heel (not including stuff like quality of work, etc), :sandow:
  20. I know my math troubles are well documented.. but would't you have been like... not even born yet in 1994?
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