News Who John Cena Wants To Face At WrestleMania 34

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Noooo. Can we have someone new winning the fucking Royal Rumble? C'mon!
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  2. Good, if Undertaker is coming back, Cena is the only interesting match he can have.. If he doesn't return, just book him against Styles, i don't fucking know who Cena should face.
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  3. I'm all good with Undertaker coming back, but John Cena winning the championship just to meet Taker at Mania? Bad idea.
  4. Taker v Cena is a dream match for sure. But if it does not happen then i would prefer Cena v Joe then Cena v AJ. However RUMOR is Cena is expected to have a much bigger match then AJ or Joe. So maybe Taker Goldberg Angle or Batista.
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    I'd rather see Cena vs. Goldberg or Batista than the Undertaker...

    It was hard enough watching the Undertaker in the 2017 Rumble...
    so I'd rather he stay retired.

    Of course Cena vs. Samoa Joe is the match I'd really like to see...
    but that's just my opinion.
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  6. Now obviously idk for sure but I feel like Taker was unhappy with he's performances last year. That's why he wants to return to make up for it and have one last ride (see what I did) . Apparently Taker is in great shape so I'm open to him coming back.
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  7. Cena vs Goldberg interests me
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  8. I think people are beyond sick and tired of Cena being handed things no way he should have ever got to 16 titles that was something that should have been left for Flair. Cena's got one and a half feet out the bloody door already would it kill WWE to push someone else
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  9. We have a winner!
  10. I'd personally think It'd be interesting to See Cena vs Angle... but that's my opinion.
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